Key events:

The invitation for Q4 only asks for 1 player from Q4 and the other 2 can be whoever they want. So Aichi now needs 2 teammates.

His choices are Misaki and Kamui. Misaki agrees but Kamui may be a little more difficult as he’s been going to Team Handsome’s shop a lot lately.

Aichi goes there to find out Kamui’s joined Gouki’s for the next national tournament. When faced with the choice of going with Aichi or stick with Gouki, he challenges Aichi, if he wins he stays, if Aichi wins he’ll join the circuit.

Aichi wins the match making good use of Limit Break and getting a lucky trigger at the final draw.

Key Cards used:

Nova Grappler Grade 1: Almighty Reporter

Ability:  When the attack of the Nova Grappler unit this boosted hits, you can return this card to the hand.

Gold Paladin Grade 3: Great silver wolf, Garmore

Ability: Limit Break 4, Gains 5k when it attacks a vanguard; Counterblast 2, when it’s ridden, pay the cost to search deck for a grade 2 of less Gold Paladin and call it to rearguard.


Nice way to reintroduce Kamui back into the show with a fight. Quite interesting how he’s about to join Team Handsome into the national tournaments. A change of scenery after a good win is always nice, although I still wouldn’t mind staying with the winning team. I did think for a moment that Kamui wouldn’t join Aichi. At first I thought the lure of a worldwide tournament would be too much, but he seemed rather adamant on keeping his promise, but as soon as he betted it on a duel, we knew Aichi was gonna win. Aichi would of course show off his Limit Break and improving as he uses his Gold Paladins again. But I’m glad to have Kamui back, although that did make me wonder how’s Kai going to fit into the team. The invitation said 3 members, but I’m assuming they’ll allow a substitute like most tournaments, it’s only logical.

Also just a simple thing I found odd that if Aichi had been always using Gold Paladin, why was everyone surprised when he used Limit Break? It’s a standard ability for Great Silver Wolf, if he had always used Gold Paladins, people would know about it.

A comment about the two cards I listed. Other cards were pretty standard, Almighty Reporter and Great Silver Wolf stood out. Almighty reporter is indeed a good card for defensive play as it returns to your hand to defend against your opponent’s attacks, but downside is that it’s only got 6k power, so it would have to be for defensive minded players, aggressive players would go for more 7k power cards.

Great Silver Wolf’s limit break is quite nice, whilst 5k power itself isn’t that amazing, the fact that it’s a passive ability when your damage reaches 4 makes is amazing. At a 15k starting attack which would force most Grade 3 vanguards to use a 10k guard, it’s quite strong. Put in a boost unit and add on top triggers, it’s not something you want to face.  Whilst I like the mechanics behind Limit Break, I feel that it’s speeding up an already very fast paced game, which I don’t like. But I’m assuming this won’t be the end of the new abilities, so I look forward to what’s coming next.

I like the look of the next episode. I see Rekka from Ultra Rare back and Misaki using Tsukuyomi. Expected that we would get a reminder, and hopefully update, on Misaki’s deck. Twould be also good to see what Ultra Rare’s up to this time, perhaps they have some answers to Aichi and Kai’s changed decks.

But anyway, apart from a reintroduction of Kamui and recruiting him for the circuit, not much happened. It’s going slow, but I think it’s a nice pace for episode 3 at least, I’m expecting this season will last as long as last, so this is a fine speed for the story to go. I’m assuming Misaki’s brought in some new cards into her deck so I look forward to seeing Tsukuyomi back in action and seeing her additions, if any.

Had two exams this week, Thursday and Friday, next one isn’t until next Thursday, so I thought it’d be nice to take a blogging break this once. But back to revision now.