Handle with Care!!!

Episode 5: Graze It! Beat It!


The tournament continues with Eru missing and Ichiroku on her own. Ichiroku is up against Agu and Tei and ends up jamming during the match. However Ichiroku takes down both Agu and Tei by fanning her M-16 in semi-automatic mode.

Later Funko and Ichihachi are up against Galil and Sako. Galil takes out Ichihachi and in return Funko takes out Galil by deflecting the bullets off the water. However, Funko is taken out by Sako by a fragmented bullet. Sako sadistically shoots Funko repeatedly after winning only to be stopped by Shigu.

Shigu warns Ichiroku that Sako intends to take over the school. Ichiroku teams with Eru, but still mocks her. Funko and Shigu find that Sako is being helped and Shigu confronts the girls just as Sako gets revenge by shooting Shigu.



How sadistically cruel Sako is and what the hell happen to the teachers. Sako clearly broke rules shooting Funko point blank after the match had clearly ended. It took another student Shigu to break it up. If it were me I would have taken out Sako before it got out of hand like it did, sniping from a distance and hit her with a .408 CheyTac round from a CheyTac Long Range Rifle System. A perfect weapon to break up the distasteful encounter with double meaning; the Intervention M200 Rifle. Anyway, I knew that Eru would make it by the determination of Shigu to get her there. I believe she would play an important role in the final match. At least Funko was ok and that she wasn’t damaged too much but it have been prevented, only if there were an adjudicator to stop unsportsmanship, it makes me angry thinking about it. I think Sako is strange and saying that she is odd is an understatement. Touching herself up during the match, nope… the quicker she gets out of the anime the better. COME ON Ichiroku and Eru!!!!