Episode 5: Wandering Galileo


Gammon is Chidou Setsu; a genius puzzle maker, but recently the puzzles he has produced for a magazine has plummeted. Kaito senses anger and hatred from the puzzles, unknown that Chidou is Gammon. The Orpheus Order meets with Doubt absent, who is gone to meet with someone.

Gammon gets home to find Doubt having coffee with Miharu. After a scuffle, Doubt offers Gammon a chance to join Orpheus Order. Gammon goes to POG for help about Orpheus Order. Elena tries to talk to Gammon but ignores her, telling her that the puzzles he makes was for the money.

At the academy, Kaito turns puzzle giver to Gammon; providing puzzles through the school. Whilst solving, Gammon realises that solving puzzles means something. However, reaching the top Kaito gets revenge on Gammon with the leg trap. Gammon gets a call from POG.

Revenge is sweet

POG has located the Orpheus’s base and Diceman delivers a message to Doubt from Gammon. Gammon rejects the offer to join them as well as insulting Doubt in the message. Hoist tells Freecell the new game has been completed. Now the Orpheus Order heads to Root Academy.


This is going to be a short review as I have a lot of catching up. Ok I was almost worried that Gammon was going to go to the dark side again. However, I had also a feeling that he wasn’t going to as they threaten his sister; whom he adores and protects; like a mother (He needs a frilly pink apron to go). Seems that Kaito gave him the boost to reject the offer; after the call from Elena. I still wonder if she still likes Gammon. Nice to see Miharu back again, but again I have to say she is a fool for letting Doubt into the apartment; who knows if she let him in and she got kidnapped. Then Gammon would be in trouble over her stupidity. Must mean that she doesn’t have any brain cells, as she almost put on an Orpheus bracelet; given to her by a complete stranger. So Lucretia blogs the OP theme: I am not sure about the OP but I do seem to like the ED more; maybe it is the guitar riff. Although the OP theme does show Nonoha with her hair down; many fans including myself would like to see it featured in an episode. I hope the OP sequence is a taste of things to come.