Key Events:

After some preparation for the circuit Aichi, Kamui and Misaki go to visit card shop PSY.

Unhappy about Misaki and Kamui’s resolve for the circuit, Rekka challenges them to a fight, Misaki steps up.

New clan Angel Feather is played by Rekka and it revolves around the damage zone, such as calling from the damage zone, and plays a more defensive strategy.

Rekka wins and warns Misaki she can’t go into the circuit using the same deck she used in the national tournament, it needs improving.

So after that defeat she vows to become stronger for the circuit.


I didn’t think any cards were really worthy of note, apart from maybe that grade 3 from Angel Feather with the Limit Break ability, but it’s nothing special and isn’t from a main character, so I’m leaving it out.

The clan though seems very interesting. I know I haven’t said this anywhere, but I have been wondering if Vanguard would make a clan that’s to do with the damage zone. Thought it wouldn’t be that possible seeing as you can only have 4 heal triggers, but I’m glad I was proved wrong. This deck makes for an interesting strategy, no need to worry about some cards going into the damage zone anymore. I guess you’d want some in damage and more damage is a good thing as Rekka proved, especially when there’s a Limit Break ability. Overall it’s an interesting clan I’d like to try out, although I don’t think I’d ever use it as my main, I’ll stick with Kagero.

Unfortunately there was nothing new for Misaki, on the contrary this was an episode to remind Misaki that she needs something new. So, I’m hoping the next match we see her in she will have some improvements. I don’t want her to switch clans so I really hope she’ll still be able to play against the current meta using a Tsukuyomi deck.

By the looks of the preview, Ultra Rare seem to be the cheerleaders again for the vanguard circuit, that’s not surprising. But what is surprising, is that they knew nothing about Royal Paladin. I thought they were the third party overseeing everything rather than being in the midst. Looks like the only one that can give any answers is that kid then.

Oh well, I’m looking forward to seeing the teams for the circuit. Probably meet Ren soon and I saw Team Caesar in next episode’s preview. Still wonder about Kai though, surely they won’t leave him out. I’m sure Aichi will meet him somewhere along the way during the circuit and he’ll join up with everyone, maybe…


This’ll be my last blog until the weekend most likely. next exam is Thursday, might’ve said already, but yeah, gotta revise and I won’t be able to write again until Friday. More blogging then as the exam after Thursday is next Friday, so got a little time to spare. I’ll see you then.