Use the Force…

Episode 3: Stardust Audition


The girls meet AKB0048’s manager Tsubasa Katagiri. Tsubasa informs them that they would be in the selection to become 77th generation understudies of AKB0048, providing a successful performance of “Beginner”.

I want Steak!!!

The girls go through tough combat training as they have to defend an AKB0048 concert. Yuuka complains in which Chieri tells her she should go home. Nagisa goes after her, but she and Yuuka find AKB0048 practicing “Beginner” and arguing with each other. Nagisa is told that their fighting amongst themselves is their way of improving their performances.

Girls get revenge

AKB0048 gives their concert whilst the auditionees are sent to defend the concert. They are attacked by several mecha droids and most of the girls are taken out. Chieri distracts a droid as Nagisa takes it out with a grenade. Chieri is shot, diving to save Nagisa.

Animation is fantastic!!!

However, they discover it was all a test to find out that despite the heartache and hatred in fighting, they defended the concert of their dreams and protected their friends. So Chieri, Nagisa, Yuuka, Orine, Suzuko (Linda), Sonata and Makoto pass and are now understudies of the 77th Generation of AKB0048.

The Next Generation


That is one tough selection process, you don’t normally see that on Pop Idol (American Idol), but it may improve the ratings… heh heh. Chieri to me seems to be a bad apple for the whole group; I see problems in the future if she doesn’t change her attitude. I am starting to like Makoto as she funny to watch and Sonata as well, as she has a lot of energy and is jumping around. So now the selected group has only seven members, according to the OP and ED sequences, they get another two members to make nine. So, if they are the only ones to pass the selection, where would the other two come from? We probably find out as we head to Akibastar; the home of AKB0048 Stage. Also I like “Beginner” as it has that powerful presence and it worked well during the battle scene. I liked the Opening them over the Ending Theme, but now I am starting to like them both. This anime was definitely worth the wait as they have seriously put a lot of work into the animation and the story is quite deep. Would my fellow Lura Bloggers watch this? I doubt it, which is a shame…

Insert Songs:

“Aitakatta by AKB48

“Beginner” by AKB48

By the way has anyone heard where “Ponytail to Chouchou” was sung? As I can’t find it where it featured. Help would be appreciated.