Key Events

Got a little background story to Ranko. Her family owns a traditional inn. She helps out when she can and Chihiro also lends a hand at times.

Hear about how Ranko fell in love with Chihiro even though he’s had this zombie fetish.

Ranko ‘tries’ to kiss Chihiro but he shies away annoying her and she vows not to lose to Rea.


Well, settled down a bit now. They’ve ‘sorted’ out Rea for the moment so I guess it’s a good moment to tell us about Ranko and Chihiro’s relationship. We knew something was going on between those two, it’s natural to introduce a rival, and it’s also natural for that rival to be a childhood friend, pretty typical in anime. The childhood friend is always involved, can’t step away from that cliché it seems.

This episode pretty much just affirmed what most of suspected anyway, that Ranko liked Chihiro. It was too obvious in the first place. Left Rea out of the picture this episode completely. I’m not bothered about a Ranko focused episode. Gives her some space to make sure we know that she’s ‘in there’ as well and background story always adds more to a relationship.

My expectations, predictions, thoughts etc from last episode for Rea stays as is, so not much else to say on this episode apart from most of us saw that coming. Let’s move on with the story.