Episode 7: The Promise


The game continues with Kaito up against Pinochle. Kaito tries to predict where Pinochle is going to go, but ends up getting it wrong. It turns out that Pinochle can read Kaito’s thoughts; all data concerning Kaito is implanted into Pinochle’s brain.

Eventually Kaito turns the tables on Pinochle and ends up reading Pinochle’s movements. Getting frustrated, Pinochle uses his Orpheus Armlet and reveals his ability even commenting on recent events of Kaito, which shocks the others.

Pinochle tells Kaito when he was at Crossfield Academy; he made the other children dislike him due to his ability of solving puzzles swiftly. Pinochle reveals that Freecell felt sorry for him and offered to solve a puzzle with him, Kaito accepts.

However, it was the same day that Luke disappeared. Freecell waited for Kaito, but never showed. Freecell blames Kaito for the death of his mother. In shock, Kaito loses to Pinochle. Pinochle brags to Freecell over defeating Kaito, but Freecell slaps him for not allowing Kaito to remember on his own.


I think most people were expecting Kaito to win and bring the score to 1-1. However, it now proves that Kaito can be easily manipulated and affected with simple psychology. In my own opinion, Kaito should have kept his promise to Freecell, but blaming him solely for the death of Freecell’s mother is way steep. Kaito didn’t go and kill her with a knife. She definitely must have had some serious illness for her to kick the bucket. However, the only positive I enjoyed was when Freecell slapped Pinochle for revealing the truth; SO SATISFYING!!!! So the Phi Children have a good start to the game; losing 2-0. They need to win the next round otherwise that is it, they have lost in a flawless victory for the Orpheus Order.