A week delay but I’m here with my SOTW. You’ll know that I am still in exam period though, but hopefully the quality of my blogs hasn’t dropped, that much…

Nonetheless I’ll keep ploughing forward with everything I need to do. This SOTW is no different. The song I have for you this week is Kokuhaku by Supercell. The second ending theme for Guilty Crown.

An interesting song that begins with a sad slow mainly vocal melody, but then the guitar comes in and the song livens up nicely. Perhaps following the anime’s general mood during the second part of loss and sadness until a ‘happy’ ending. I mean it was happy, but I’m still rather sad that Inori had to go. Well either way, it was a happy enough ending and during some really sad episodes the ending theme kinda cheered me up in an odd way.

This actually was one of the songs I wanted to blog about last season, but as you all know, I didn’t blog many songs last season. I still don’t know why, I definitely remembering thinking to myself I liked this song and wanted to blog it, but that never happened. Odd, oh well, here it is anyway, late SOTW, late song blog. But, better late than never.

I’ll leave it there, my next SOTW will definitely be on the planned week. Last exam this Friday, but I won’t be back to normal blogging until the next week most likely, gotta have some end of university celebration time.