Episode 4: I Won`t Betray Their Efforts


The girls arrive at Akibastar; home of AKB0048 and witness 75th Generation Understudies performance with the only two remaining girls. Tsubasa tells them that they are the cursed generation due to so many failed or quit. Later, we find out that Sonata is one of the cursed generation’s sister; Kanata Shinonome.

Kanata wants Sonata to go home, but she refuses. The girls are assigned dorms; they discover the centre role has been removed with Yuuko wanting to bring it back. Kanata scolds Sonata and she runs off crying. Kanata explains to Mimori Kishida that their father was killed in resisting the government over the entertainment ban.

The girls have their first dance rehearsal but it falls flat. Ushiyama-sensei pulls up Kanata and tries to bring Chieri to the front, but she refuses commenting that she wants to follow the experienced members. This makes Kanata run away crying.

Mimori finds Kanata and sings with her. The others find her and Kanata eventually accepts Sonata and the girls join together and sing “Shonichi”, except Chieri; who is elsewhere.


The girls are off to a rough start, with them discovering Kanata is Sonata’s sister. There is a bit of confusion with Chieri denigrating Kanata. She is basically making an example of Kanata, putting her in her place as a senior member and she should set the benchmark for the other members to look up to. Also, Ushiyama-sensei whispers to Tsubasa that they may have found a catalyst that mix things up for the group, hopefully in the right direction. I wonder why male choreographers are pictured to be a bit feminine. I mean not all male dancers are like Louie Spence… I think. Anyway, Chieri’s comments sort of hit home and now Kanata accepts her sister’s choice. I hope that Chieri doesn’t distance herself too much from the group, but she risking being alienated by the others by her insulting character. However, she is something to watch when she gets up in the morning; bit of a WALL-E. I also really liked Mimori’s singing to Kanata, someone who can sing without any music and still stay in key is by far top in my book. I have a very high standard for singers and for someone to do that without music is just fantastic, so top score for Sumire Satou; member of AKB48. For that rendition I really like “Shonichi” now amongst all the other AKB48 hits. I hope we get to hear more songs from the AKB48 songbook and I hope that Chieri doesn’t get too dislikeable, because I am quite fond of her as well as Makoto.

Insert Songs:

“Shonichi” by AKB48

“Heavy Rotation” by AKB48