Key Events:

Team Q4 head to Singapore for the start of the Vanguard Circuit.

They meet Team Caesar who leads them to a vanguard department in a university. They meet three 12 year olds Chris Falo, Lee Shenlon and Pajeel Ali studying at university there.

Aichi sees the kid he’s looking for and chases him but is blocked off when he enters a building. Kourin meets Aichi and tells him the kid’s name is Tatsunagi Takuto, he heads the Tatsunagi company and hosts the vanguard circuit. Kourin tells him that the winner of the circuit will be invited to a dinner with Takuto so he can question him then. Kourin also hands him Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel.

At the circuit’s registration they meet the 3 kids from university, they’re competing too.


Well, looks like some romance is in the air. But I doubt they’ll take this any further, just like they left tea out in the original yu gi oh series, romance wise anyway. Shame really, cos I’m wondering what Kourin finds in small weak Aichi. Though I have to admit he has done well for himself, but he can’t transform into a taller, cooler, less likely to be pushed over guy.

Romance aside, no fights played this episode. But still saw a card, Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. I won’t go into the card too much this blog as I expect it’ll be played soon. I’ll just say that, after reading the card, to me, it seems like a weaker Alfred.

Still not much development in the story, going slow, introducing new characters, new cards slowly. I think it’s an okay pace, but, I would want it to speed up soon. I thought that Aichi would be able to catch up to Takuto and maybe get some sort of an answer to entice us to watch further. I think they should’ve done that rather than Aichi chasing after Takuto being a plot device for him to receive a new card. That’s still doable even if they get Takuto to say something like ‘fight for your answers’ or ‘if you want to know, then win’ etc etc something along those lines or something else to add more mystery or make us ask more questions. Just to keep the interest or gain more interest.

Well anyway, we’ve seen 2 competitor teams, Caesar and that 12 year old team. Looking forward to seeing more competition and I expect AL4 to be there too, that’s gonna be a fun reunion. Still wondering how Kai’s gonna get here, perhaps he’s gone to AL4?

But anyway, not much happening, building up the story, characters and tension. Wouldn’t mind a speed up of story development, but this is fine as is.

And yes I am back! Exams are done, and I’ve got a lot of anime to catch up. Normal blogging service from me will resume soon once I get some stuff sorted, but expect a blog a day from me for a while, probably. So yeah, that was a good 3 years of university I have to say, onto looking for a job.