Key Events

Chihiro stalks Rea with his camera like a stalker.

Rea go out clothes shopping like a normal girl.

Rea’s father tracks them down like a hawk. His henchman try to kidnap her, but her zombie strength takes them down with ease.

After that failure they revert to Plan B and capture Chihiro instead.


About time Dan’ichiro made his move. They did the kidnapping in quite a hilarious way which again makes me take it lightly, like the majority of this series, which is fine. But I was hoping for some tension in this romcom. This was the best place to put in some seriousness and an ‘oh no is he going to be alright?’ moment, but that didn’t happen. However, this is a light-hearted show so I suppose I don’t mind that much.

To be honest he really should’ve seen that coming. It’s not the best idea to go next to half conscious people who just tried to kidnap your date. As far as I know, that’s not interrogation, that’s called presenting yourself as a hostage.

I wonder what Dan’ichiro wants with Chihiro. As you know, the original plan wasn’t to get him, even though he had previously wanted to castrate Chihiro. So, I wonder if he’s still gonna do that, would be hilarious I have to say. But I’m thinking perhaps a duel for Rea is likely? Dan’ichiro was doing some fencing. I think that’d be interesting.

As always Dan’ichiro’s obsession with Rea is disturbing. Can’t even leave her after she’s dead. I’m more and more intrigued into his reasoning for all this, his background story should make for an interesting one.

Apart from the kidnapping, it was a pretty plain episode. It was nice to see Rea finally getting some freedom time to herself. But as expected, there’s going to be some interesting bumps along the way.