I honestly didn’t know when my turn was next, Lucretia and Raven thought it was a good idea to mess up the schedule, technically I should have been last week but Lucretia jumped in, telling me thou is switching places with Raven. Nope, wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Raven blogged twice; one covering Lucretia’s missed week due to exams. Lucretia then jumped into my spot on week 62. It doesn’t take much to figure that out it is screwed up. Wise up guys! Ok enough of my ranting and raving; don’t want to spoil the comical ideas and the simple mind of the brainchild. Anyway, I sometimes sample what is popular in the Japanese musical culture. I first sampled SNSD or Girls’ Generation and now I own three of their albums, so I looked further and discovered AKB48. I first heard them whilst working when three girls used OOgoe Diamond in a dance routine. So searching I found this nice song. Dragonball Kai is a re-launch of the Dragonball Z series with new shiny effects. This song is the second ED theme and I don’t care what my fellow bloggers think, this is quality! I really like some of AKB48’s songs and this is no exception and the icing on the cake, they have a song in an anime! Now they have their own…anime (AKB0048) with several of their songs featured; so no shortage of SOTW’s by me with AKB48 in them. How can anyone hate a pop group that has 48 girls in the group (64 if you count team 4)? So, no need to explain, just listen and enjoy the song. Both end sequence, full version and a little treat, the live version of AKB48’s Team Dragon.