Episode 7: Be Afraid! Visit!


The girls talk about the Japanese teacher whilst writing out their new year’s wishes. Sig and FNC go out and play in the snow whilst Ichiroku and Eru stay inside. Sig taunts Ichiroku into coming outside and they end up having a snowball fight.

Genkoku happens to pass by and joins in the fight, helping Ichiroku whilst Eru is rolling up huge snowballs. The game ends when Eru rolls up so many balls of snow that they come down the hill and hit everyone. Everyone is shivering from the cold except Sig who is fine.

The girls think that Genkoku might have a cold from the snowball fight and decide to visit him. However, Ichiroku is too noisy; she and FNC get thrown out. The girls get their new year’s cards; each getting one from Genkoku except FNC.

FNC goes to see Genkoku and finds him collapsed on the table. She cleans his apartment and makes him some rice porridge. Upon leaving Genkoku hands FNC a New Year card. He then accidentally let slip that she wears a thong and she ends up shooting him again.

[END CREDITS]: Funko was suspended again, with Funko adding that he jumped out of the window himself.


This was a nice relaxing episode, not much happening in this episode with very little development of Genkoku; they still don’t know his name and I doubt we will ever get to hear it. I can safely assume that Ichiroku is very boisterous; reminds me of Ritsu Tainaka of K-ON! When the girls went to Sawako’s place and ended up turning the room upside down. I fact that episode is similar to this one; teacher ill, students visit, one annoy student and one helpful one. I think I wrote that K-ON!! blog way back in 2010. There is not much more to say about this episode other than Genkoku can’t think before he speaks and FNC can’t as well and loses her temper very quickly. I don’t know; do girls get annoyed when you announce their underwear? Probably.