Episode 5: Their Day Off


The girls get up and have breakfast as their normal daily routine. However, today they have their monthly day off. Chieri goes off shopping who is followed by Nagisa. Makoto is dragged off by Kanata with Mimori and Sonata wants to play in the bath, taking Linda with her. Linda wants to find out who runs AKB0048, above Tsubasa.

They need bigger bathrooms

Kanata puts Makoto through rigorous exercise, when Kojiharu appears and takes Kanata and Makoto to improve their pheromones, whilst Mimori is dragged off by Sayaka for the exact opposite. Yuuka and Orine help out in the kitchen when Tomochin asks for some breakfast. She then invites the girls to come with her.

Chieri and Nagisa are joined by Yuuko who takes a photograph of them. Linda continues her investigation and follows Tsubasa, dragging Sonata with her. Tomochin takes Yuuka and Orine to her home where they meet her family who happens to be the spitting image of Tomochin. Makoto and Kanata continue their training, but Mimori struggles with hers.

Yuuko tells Chieri and Nagisa that she wants to bring back the centre role after previous members disappeared. The AKB0048 members tell the understudies, that it is their friendship that keeps them going. Linda and Sonata watch Tsubasa meet with Ushiyama-sensei, but both of them end up falling asleep.

No kidding!!!


It’s a chill out episode for the girls, who have an odd way of spending their time off. Chieri had the right idea but to me is still “Little Miss Fussy”. She eventually did come out of her shell a little bit with Nagisa, in a competition over Yuuka’s dance moves. Hopefully this is a step closer into changing her attitude. This episode also had the AKB0048 members take their time out to spend with the understudies. It is nice to see the main members mingle with their replacements and we get a bit of background from them as well. Tomochin does have an odd way of having breakfast. Tabasco sauce, I recently bought some and I use it when I buy some doner meat, hot stuff! Halfway through the bottle now. I got a little distracted near the end because I was enjoying the orchestral versions of Shonichi and Aitakatta, which I thought were fantastic, I hope they will release those on the soundtrack. I found out that the OP and ED CDs are not released until the 1st August. I can’t wait, but I’ll want the OP more than the ED, but I will be definitely be getting them both on CD. Oh and finally the opening sequence has changed from the poetic reading, to the girls linking “O”s. Still prefer the old one.