Last month’s winner is… NYANTYPE #31

Kirayoshi’s choice: Nyantype – Partly because I like Eru Chitanda, Marika Katou and Kuroyuki-hime pictures. Megami did have a K-ON! Picture of the juniors’ music club with Azusa dominating the picture in a bikini *Nosebleed*. Both have Kuroyuki-hime of Accel World and The Strike Witches, but I prefer Nyantype’s.

So here is this July’s editions for your votes, I enlarged them a bit more so that you can see them a bit better, I did have them so large that it was almost ridiculous. I hope this time we will have better results than last months, but then again the release was a bit late and I only came up with the idea recently. So the voting poll will last a bit longer; until the next issue is released. Anyway same rules; look at the pictures and then vote for your favourite, simple and quick.

Finally, can I have a better response than last time; I mean 13 votes aren’t that brilliant if I am honest. For the love of anime, please vote!