Key Events

Some basic rules of the circuit is explained. All three members of each team will be playing at the same time and the team with 2 wins advance. And teams won’t know their opponent is until they get to their ‘field’.

Q4 are first up, against their opponent Team Shinobi.

Aichi’s opponent uses Murakumo, Misaki’s opponent uses Granblue and Kamui’s opponent uses Neo-nectar.

Kamui gets through with a win with a nice trigger draw.

Misaki has leads against her opponent and it’s her turn.

Aichi is in a tight spot but it’s his turn now.


The circuit kicked off much faster than I thought. Was thinking they’d introduce many more interesting opponents before starting with the first fight. And I was also thinking they’d explain the circuit a lot more too. All we know so far is that there’s gonna be a series of 3 on 3 fights going on at the same time at different places and teams won’t know their opponents until they get there.  That’s all. Thought they’d at least say how many fights it is, or how to win, or what the purpose is in addition to gathering the best in the world to fight. Oh and nothing on a prize either, no mention of meeting up with Takuto.

So yeah, pretty disappointed about that. At the pace the story was going I expected a lot more build up to happen before the main event.

My questions of Kai remains. It’s unusual that we haven’t even seen a glimpse of him. Wonder where he’s got to, and I’m certain he’s gonna enter the tournament somehow. I’m still expecting him to join Ren’s team, so I’m eagerly awaiting them to show up. Which reminds me of another thing about the circuit, that we obviously did not see all the contestants there.

No matter, I expect to get more answers after this first match. I believe things are going to become more clear by then. And it looks like Q4 will win through with relative ease. Kamui’s gone through, the Granblue deck looks close to a loss. The only one that may cause trouble is the Murakumo user seeing as it’s a new clan as well and it’s against Aichi who’s still not amazing with his Gold Paladins yet. But Aichi does have his trump card from Kourin, Blond Ezel. So I still expect him to win by riding that card.

I predict a 3-0 win and then hope for some more answers.