Probably not who you were expecting to do SOTW today, but I have decided to set up an ‘official’ three week rotation system. So the order for every three weeks is me, Kira then Raven. In the last rotation I had exams so it was changed a little, but this rotation will be back to ‘normal’. Therefore, this week will be mine, next will be Kira and so on.

For this week I was once again stuck in a moment of nostalgia as me and a friend watched the final match of the Pokemon Orange Island season where Ash faced Drake. And logically following that I was reminded of how I loved the Pokemon themes, again.

So this time I give you ‘Pokemon World’ Pokemon dub 2nd opening.

A song that holds so many memories for many of us, need I say more?

Hopefully none of you have gotten tired of such classics. I’ve only done 2 openings, and I think I may want to do one more if nostalgia hits again. So you got one more to look forward to, or to dread. The former I hope.

Still got 5 anime episode blogs to catch up, once I do catch up with everything I’ll have a look at next season. Hopefully get up my preview up next week, or the week after at the latest.