Episode 8: Take a Look! Scold Someone!


It is the Seishou School fair and Genkoku gets frustrated over the craziness. The girls are doing a maid cafe but they are out buying things and are stopped by Genkoku after Ichiroku tries to use the class funds to buy personal items.

Tanks alot!!!

Things get crazier as the fair has a camel farm with real camels, courtesy of Galil being from Israel. The attraction is made bigger by her; who knocks through the walls into two classrooms. Next, Genkoku and Thompson-sensei sample the maid cafe’s menu and find that it is delicious, even though it is military rations.

Next the girls show them their choice of outfits, with Eru getting the approval and Thompson-sensei joining in dressed in only bandages. Genkoku and Thompson continue their inspection, including “Garand’s close call”.

The girls relax with their older siblings, until Ichiroku and Ichiyon lose it and destroy the entire room with their gun battle. Genkoku applies for them to stay overnight to repair the damages and even let’s loose Agu on a sign, which she shows her fondness for Funco. The next day is the day of the fair and the girls open their maid cafe.


This was a nice relaxing episode, with some funny moments. This was mostly focused on Genkoku and his shock over the abnormality (or normality in case of the school) of the Seishou school fair. Nice to see Thompson-sensei in an episode, as she did only have a small scene in an earlier episode. Ichiroku and Ichiyon can be so hot-headed and it doesn’t take much to set them off. However, Genkoku did realise that the school is eccentric in what they do and he pulled out the all the stops to help them get the room back into shape. So I hope now that Genkoku can settle into the school life and continue to teach them. So only two more episodes for this series which is a pity since I feel it really deserves more, at least 13 episodes; 24 is pushing it really, so the only hope is that they will do a second season.