Key Events

Misaki loses her match to a new card, Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus

Aichi’s still unsure about his deck, but he draws Kourin’s card and rides Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. His opponent rides a grade 3 of his, Covert Demonic Dragon Mandala Lord.

Aichi wins with a well timed critical trigger. Taking them through this first round.

Key Cards

Granblue Grade 3: Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus


  • [Limit Break (4)] When it attacks a vanguard it gains 5k
  • [Counter Blast (2)] Superior call a Granblue from your drop zone to rearguard

Murakumo Grade 3: Covert Demonic Dragon Mandala Lord


  • If have unit of another clan it loses 2k power.
  • [Counter Blast (1)] Discard ‘Covert Demonic Dragon, Mandala Lord’ to lower opponent monster power by 10k at the beginning of the guard step.

Gold Paladin Grade 3: Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel


  • [Limit Break (4)] [Counter Blast (2)] Look at top card, if it’s Gold Paladin superior call it to rearguard, if not put it at bottom of deck, increase this unit’s power by original power of the unit called with the effect
  • Gains 1k power from each Gold Paladin rear-guards


Not much in the storyline department so I decided to comment more on the cards instead this time. Team Q4 won their first round match, no surprise there. Shame to see Misaki lose, just bad luck being unable to get to half moon Tsukuyomi. I’ve had that before, whenever I’m able to reach full moon with no problems I usually win, but if I’m not, I usually lose. Was hoping she’d reveal a new card, but nothing. So, the cards I’m commenting on are the new grade 3s from the other 3 clans.

First one is Ice Prison Necromancer, Cocytus. It’s actually a pretty underwhelming card. But I think it’s a nice grade 3 you would run. A standard LB4 5k power and a standard clan based counterblast 2 ability. Practically the same as Great Silver World, Garmore and Thunder Break Dragon. Not an amazing new grade 3 for Granblue, but I think you’d put 2 in as the resurrection ability is pretty good.

Second is Covert Demonic Dragon Mandala Lord. 11k is always nice to have, a pretty much solid 11k. It’s an interesting persona blast, obviously very defensive, basically turns another grade 3 into a 10k defender. Of course it suits a Murakumo deck as they are generally defensive since they keep hand advantage. It’s a nice card, but I’m still on pack 2 here in the UK, so I’ve never built a Murakumo deck, so… I can’t really say what I’d put in, but again, this seems like an interesting card, I’d put a few in.

Lastly it’s Incandescent Lion, Blond Ezel. I remember saying it was a weaker Alfred, well I take that back as I hadn’t read the card properly. Now that I have, I’d say it’s ‘similar’ to Alfred. Alfred has good search ability, but it is counterblast 3, whilst Blond Ezel is only a counterblast 2 meaning it can be used twice easily but it is a weaker swarming ability. However the power increase effect is amazing, if you’re able to call a grade 3 with it that’s an extra 10k power onto Ezel and another 10k beat stick on the field. The part I misread was his second ability. I thought it was the same as Alfred i.e. this card also can’t be boosted, but it can, making this card quite powerful if it uses the first ability as well. An easy staple in Gold Paladin decks.

One thing I picked up on was Misaki saying that she increased the number of Silent Toms in her deck. I’m an offensive player, probably due to me playing Kagero, so I’d probably only put 2 or 3 in due to its low 8k power. The fact that it stops grade 0s easily makes up for the low power. But even still I wouldn’t put 4 in as it’ll always need a boost to attack a grade 3. So, I wonder if that’s what Misaki did, i.e. put 4 in. Might’ve disturbed the balance. But yeah, I hope Misaki’s gonna edit her deck a lot more than just the number of Silent Toms. Still wanna see new Oracle cards.

But anyway, first round finished, onwards with the tournament and hopefully some answers.