Key Events:

Toki takes first blood with a Riichi and a win. Teru responds and puts everyone under an uneasy feeling of being watched. Apparently Teru never wins the first hand, she always uses that one hand to see through everyone without fail.

Teru takes the second hand with a win from Kuro. Next hand she discards a tile to which she later pons stopping Toki’s Riichi and winning from her.

Toki tries to predict Teru’s draw but plays into her hands.

Some background story for Toki given about how her team wanted her to take down Teru.

To stop Teru’s winning streak of 7 hands, Toki deliberately plays into a win for Kirame who takes a cheap 1k win.

Toki tries again to stop a Teru win but fails. We end as we enter the South round, 3rd hand .


Now this is exactly what I wanted. An entire episode dedicated to Teru destroying everyone with her godly skills. Teru is quite the Mahjong God they made her out to be, I’m not disappointed.

It was nice/tactical of Toki to through away a win to her opposition to stop Teru. I mean if they kept it up this way, Toki, having won the first hand should be able to hold onto second place and advance that way. But of course, that would be the coward’s way out, so taking  Teru head on was the only other option. Though I don’t see how they can. The only person with an ‘ability’ is Toki, which is unfortunately beneath Teru’s Godly powers. So, the only thing she can do is throw the game to someone else that isn’t Teru. The other two don’t stand a chance.

Logically then you would play safe and try not to give away the win yourself and hang on. So, I wonder what Toki’s thinking. Unless of course throwing that one away to a low point win was so that Teru would have to move on dealership. That’s the only other thing I think she might be thinking.

As always there is the possibility of Kuro going completely in the opposite direction and discarding the Doras. If she does that, I think even Teru will be thrown off her game. That would turn into an interesting game. But will she do that? I doubt it, although I hope she does. As I said last episode I hoped she’d learn a lesson about keeping Doras, maybe she has. Or maybe she has something else up her sleeve. If not, she’s easy picking for anyone, and because of the Doras her hand is usually huge, so I highly doubt Toki will willingly walk into that hand, even if it is to stop Teru.

Let’s see what else Toki’s got. And if she can’t do anymore, perhaps Kuro or Kirame will think of something. Though I wouldn’t mind just watching a complete domination by Teru.