Another screwed up blog order, my turn to do the SOTW. So I thought let try a computer game theme. I like the Final Fantasy games, but unfortunately they are released on the consoles, which regrettably I don’t own any; fact is HD-TV is inaccessible, but just happy with my PC (Technology-wise it is superior). Anyway, I am a fan of Charice and I was surprised to discover that an album of hers was released solely in Japan. I quickly went and bought the Limited Edition version and was very impressed. The difference between the normal edition is an extra track, “Far as the Sky”. Ok so the real reason is this track, New World, which is used in the latest Final Fantasy Game, XIII-2 on the US, EU and AUS releases, but stated earlier, the CD is on sale in Japan, which quite odd. I quite like this song which is sung beautifully. I thought I put in a singer for the SOTW, who is on a different level than most. If you don’t think so, then check this out:

If  that didn’t convince you, then you probably have the same intelligence as blogging an anime that is NOT Fansubbed; people who lick shop windows… So it is my great pleasure to introduce a possible future diva, Charice. (By the way, my favourite song of hers is currently “Louder”.)