Key Events:

Team Caesar win through the first round as well.

Team S.I.T Genius is the team made of the 3 kids, Chris, Ali and Lee. They are favourites to win this tournament.

Second round begins and Q4 faces Team Divination. Aichi faces Crystal, Kamui faces Seichiku and Misaki’s against Horoscope. Takuto will also watch the match. Because of the fortune telling theme, all of them uses Oracle Think Tank.

Q4 easily beat them all 3-0 and advance to the third round.


Well, that was a needlessly relaxing and relatively non-eventful episode. Still nothing about how the tournament is played out. They could’ve at least said how many rounds there are until a final 64, or 32 or 16 etc as that seems likely at the moment. They linked up Misaki losing, her wanting to improve Oracles and then facing Oracles quite well, which made us, or at least me, think these guys could teach her a thing or two as they specialise in Oracles. But no. This was worse than a filler episode, the only useful thing that was said was S.I.T Genius’ name and how they’re favourites to win. Which we could’ve guessed already seeing how great the anime’s making them out to be, like going to university at their age. They could’ve said that small piece of information at any time.

So yeah, it was overall a pretty useless episode. No storyline continuation, no new tournament information, no new characters, no explanations etc. They beat some weak players and advanced. I was tempted not to blog this episode, but I had to say how bad it was.

One thing that’s on my mind is that they do seem to be speeding through the tournament at a quick pace. At this rate I’m suspecting there’s more to this season than just a tournament. Either that, or they’ll slow the tournament down soon.