Episode 9: Burn Up! Get Mad!


The Middle school goes on a field trip to the ocean. Genkoku tries to keep it orderly, but Fujiko-sensei lets the girls loose on their free time. The girls head to the beach, where Shigu meets Chuusuri (HK33E); Jiisuri’s younger sister. Chuusuri is hot-tempered, demonstrating this by shooting a library book, Shigu was reading, which gets her into trouble.

The girls visit up in the mountains whilst being watched by a mysterious school. Later the girls get have a demand for squid mugs and go off to get some, as it is believe that it will improve their grades at practice. Fujiko-sensei discovers Ichihachi, Chuusuri and Galil are AWOL. Genkoku finds them later, injured after being shot.

That’s quick!!!

Funko goes off to investigate, whilst Ichiroku gets a call from Ichihachi explaining what happened. Ichiroku figures out that the shooters are targeting her and heads off to scene. Genkoku tries to stop her but gets hit. They saved by the others when the shooters challenge them to a battle, they then destroy all means of leaving the area including their coach.


A bit small scene for the beach in this one, it could at least have it for one episode, but with only ten episodes it is a bit restricted. It is a bit strange that they introduce a new character into the series so late into it. Chuusuri is a little hot-tempered and almost comes to blows with Ichiroku. Genkoku is still treating the academy like a school is, but at least Fujiko-sensei shows him, who they are. At least we did get to see Fujiko-sensei looking different, but I doubt we will see that look again, nor Shigu’s initial hairstyle. I also notice that Shigu was reading a book called, Wilhelm Tell. Most commonly known to all as William Tell, but this is a reference to the German name. He is a folk hero in Switzerland; Shigu’s place of origin and an expert marksman with a crossbow; just like she is. So the girls have been challenged by an unknown group of schoolgirls. They seem to be using an AK of sorts, but with so many variations of the gun I can’t be accurate, but to stay with the correct ammo, it would have to be AK-74 not an AK-47 (Wait, the AK-74 uses 5.45x39mm whilst M-16A4, Sig-550, L85A1 and FNC use the standard NATO round 5.56x45mm, yeah I know it is confusing, but truthfully don’t think about it too hard otherwise you would start to dislike the anime entirely, so really just ignore it).