Episode 6: Handshake Debut


The girls view their promotional video of the 77th Generation. Tsubasa also tells them their debut is a handshake event. They need to have the right outfit and they go out shopping, but it turns out to be a bit tricky. The girls get fan mail and one turns out to be a threat towards Orine for stating that she will succeed Sashiko in the PV.

Stop with Cardfight!!

Tsubasa explains that they get hate mail all the time and it should have been screened, but Orine has become a nervous wreck. Orine isn’t concentrating during practice, after getting ridiculed from Chieri, she runs away crying.

Stand Up? SIT DOWN!!!

The girls attend their handshake event, but Orine is still affected. Orine gets her first handshake by a little girl, but the person in the hate video turns up. Chieri greets him in an idolatry way. DES attacks the event and the girls are force to help the fans.

Orine tries to help the hater, but he refuses. She realises that he is a hardcore Sashiko fan. She saves him; telling him that she too likes Sashiko and wants to know how she can improve. The girls are saved by Ota; a group of AK0048 fans who assist them in the fighting.

What is the color of your vehicle?

After defeating DES, Chieri recognises the machines that attacked them. Back at home, Orine gets another message from the hater. He goes on about Orine’s faults, but also compliments her that her sincerity was like Sashiko and that overall, if she works hard, she has potential.

Use the force!!!


Another development in the Idol saga. Orine is affected by a hate mail, which technically should have been screened. All celebrities get hate mail (Please don’t feel sorry for Justin Bieber) and they really should have been told that earlier, to soften the blow as Orine finding out like that, was a quite a shock. She is a timid girl and not very strong at the present moment; partly also she lost both her parents, making her an orphan and has to work, instead of Nagisa and Yuuka, who attended school. However, she did pick herself up and she got an evaluation on what to improve. Chieri is still playing the evil one, but in a nutshell she still right, as in that line of work, it is no easy life. Although it does seem a little harsh by her and I think she needs a pegging down a notch or two, to get a little revenge. Hopefully, this situation of her running away from her family might be the ticket. The possibility is that the DES droid that attack them maybe related. It is funny that they introduce the hardcore fans of AKB0048; Ota. They also have mecha droids and missiles, but their car’s colour scheme is a little questionable.

Insert Songs:

“Manatsu no Sounds Good!” By AKB48

“Anti” by AKB48