Key Events

Teru’s win streak continues, but Achiga have noticed something odd about her playing style that’s similar to Kuro’s. But it doesn’t help as Teru extends her lead with a 67k different between her and second place Senriyama.

Teru starts off the second half as dealer and racks up more continuous wins.

Showed a short backstory of how Toki tried to see 2 turns into the future and lost consciousness and she promised never to do it again, but she has been practicing in secret.

She has to try now to beat Teru and goes for it.


This is a complete demolition, and I have to say I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I was really hoping that Kuro would do something, but no, seems like it’ll have to be Toki to save the day. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, the only way Kuro can pull this off is by throwing away the Doras, then she’ll be completely unpredictable. Is that likely though? Judging by this episode, doesn’t seem so. But if she can think sensibly, then she’ll realise if she doesn’t do that now there won’t be a tournament to play in soon.

I’m not sure how much 2 turns ahead will be able to help, this is still Teru we’re talking about. She looks like she’s gonna run away with it no matter what happens. But then again, it’s only 1 win that’s needed to take dealership away from Teru and finally move on with the game. That’s definitely doable.

I found it funny when everyone was expecting a rinshan kaihou, myself included. Got too used to seeing Saki in the original series. Although I don’t doubt Teru is capable of pulling one off at any point, she probably only does it after a high win streak to get a high point win.

I’m surprised that they were able to drag out this match for 2 episodes already, albeit with the help of backstories, but still stretched out and I didn’t mind for once. I have been complaining about how quickly the matches have been, so this is a very nice change of pace. Though it makes me wonder how they’re going to do the other matches in this round. Still 4 players left, obviously can’t all be this long, nowhere near enough time for that. Quite likely to speed through them again, but after enjoying this one match for this long I don’t mind if they skip some. If done right in moderation, then I don’t see a problem.

Still very much want Kuro to make a comeback in the next episode. But I don’t think it’s gonna happen, probably a Toki focused fight back, if any fight back.