Episode 10: And Then, Upotte!!


The girls are challenged by another school to a gun battle. They split up to trap them in the shopping district. Eru ends up breaking her magazine catch, mid gun battle but comes up with a solution to take out her target.

Ichiroku and Shigu come under attack which also includes a Saiga; magazine version of a shotgun. They are surrounded but are helped out by Sako, after receiving word from Galil earlier. Shigu splits off to help Funko, but gets trapped in a freezer.

Funko continues her battle while Eru saves Shigu from the freezer. Funko fights with Nanayon (AK74) until Genkoku tries to stop them and gets shot. However, he doesn’t die as he can’t be injured by their bullets. Nanayon then leaves with her school citing that they will return.

Things return to normal for the girls except for maybe practicing more on the range, in anticipation for future battles. In class, Genkoku tells them to prepare for high school exams, but Funko tells him that they don’t have exams, they are assault rifles and can’t become battle rifles.


This final episode had me on edge all the way. I feared for Eru, because she breaks after firing a few rounds; god if she sneezed, her barrel will probably fall off. So it seems that the Russian weapons are gunning for them. I hate to admit it but the AKs do seem to be superior over most assault rifles. The girls got help from an unlikely ally in the form of Sako. Seems though she left Galil with them so that she could sniff the AKs out. Pity though that the other girls didn’t get involved. I would have love to see Tei and Agu get in the fight; Tei goes down and Agu rips off her wig (switching short-barrel to long-barrel) and kicking ass. Also I would have like to see Galil and Ichihachi get in the fight, but obviously they were taken out in the last episode. I am not sure if I wanted HK33E in the fight, as she was a bit of a loud-mouth towards Shigu; I don’t like characters insulting my favourite character. Also, Genkoku is a bit stupid, you don’t stop a gun fight by running in front the people shooting, he got lucky that he wasn’t killed.

So that is the end of the series, which is definitely too short in my opinion, but now I found that they are releasing the entire series again, on TV. However, I did find out that they are planning an OAD (OVA) which would be out in October this year. I would have like to of seen another episode of the sub-machine guns, as Empi (MP5) and Emten (MAC-10) were funny. If the guns go by what class they are in, I wonder what pistols are; nursery\kindergarten!?! SNIPER RIFLES attend University? Rocket launchers… (Too far!!!!) The series didn’t last long enough to let Shigu grow her hair bun back, never mind; hope to see it back in the OVA. I feel that this series would have gained more momentum if it had more episodes, I feel though 20+ episodes would have been pushing it and eventually it would have felt being dragged along, so a rounded up figure would be 16, which should suffice. It also could have done without the history lessons and documentaries sections about guns as it tends get in the way of the episode. Overall a very good series and I wouldn’t mind watching it again and again, perhaps a third time and that would be it.