Didn’t really keep up with the anime news for next season so I have no idea what’s on or what to expect. But after reading some summaries and looking at some pictures I always find a few that interest me immediately. Whether they’ll entertain me all season is another matter.

I believe Saki and Sankarea end this season, so the only one I’ll be continuing to blog is Vanguard. Which means I should be able to pick up at least 2 new series to blog. I realise it is the summer holidays and you all think I should have more time. But so far I don’t think I will. I’ve been applying for jobs non-stop lately and these applications take a while, it’s difficult sometimes to find time for leisure so I’m gonna stick with 3 blogs a week for now, this is the very minimum I’ll do though, unless I find a job, things may have to change a bit then. However I will try to do some other blogs more often, like music ones and any other anime related blogs I can think of.

Been a bit stressed as of late waiting for my exam results to come out in a few days. Pretty much determines my future… so yeah… may not be in the best of conditions to write this preview, but hey I really need to do it soon, so I’ll just finish it now. Although I just got a bad headache so that doesn’t help. I’ve started now, and I’ll finish it…

Well anyway let’s get on with it, I’ve got 5 that I’m taking an interest in as usual as I always seem unable to find more than that.


A battle fantasy light novel series about a 16 year old boy named Kusanagi Godo who killed a god “Verethragna” and gained the title “Campione (god killer)” at 15. A 16 year old Italian girl, Erica Brandelli is a “Great Knight” from the “Bronze Black Cross” magic society and had fought with him to kill Verethragna. Godo doesn’t like fighting but the title “Campione” involves him in numerous battles against other Campiones and uncontrollable gods.


Always enjoy a battle fantasy of killing ‘Gods’ with swords. Remind you of anything? I hope so, as it’s like 80% of all shounen… Yeah, the genre is pretty much all I’m going on for this one. It was my fifth choice when I realised nothing else interested me. I wanted to list up five so I put up one in which I like the genre. Probably safe bet I’ll like it, but will it have an interesting and unique enough story for me to blog? That’s unlikely. But I’ll definitely give it a chance.

Will I blog this? – Unlikely

Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi

Anime from a manga that gives literal interpretations of classic Japanese poetry written between the 7th and 13th centuries. These poems are used as a basis for the Karuta card game.


I think you all know I loved Chihayafuru, Karuta interested me greatly, but only the gameplay rather than the poems themselves. However that was mainly because I find it hard enough to interpret Chinese poems and I am Chinese, so I didn’t think I’d have much chance trying to make sense of them. But now there’s an anime of the interpretations, of course I’ll be interested. Not really something I’d blog though, I’m purely interested because of the Karuta card game, it’s almost as if they planned for this anime to be on after Chihayafuru, hmm… But yeah, not a story anime, so not really something I’d be able to comment on.

Will I blog this? – No

Hakuouki: Reimei-Roku

Prequel of Hakuouki


I’m not quite sure what to expect. Will Chizuru appear in this? Will it give some information of how everything started with Chizuru’s father? Or is it just what life was like for the Shinsengumi before Chizuru arrived? Either way this is from the Hakuouki franchise and I liked the first 2 seasons, so I’m giving it a try. Blogging or not will depend on what story they’re telling. I would prefer a separate story, as in an interesting event in the Shinsengumi before Chizuru appeared, rather than the events that led up to the Chizuru ‘incidents’. So, I’ll have to wait and see. Hope it’s still gonna be historically related as that was one of the nice things about it, that I could wiki up the events and read up more on it.

Will I blog this? – Maybe

Natsuyuki Rendezvous

Ryosuke works part-time as a florist. He has bad eyesight, a pure heart, and a secret crush on the store manager, Rokka. Unfortunately for him, Rokka swore off love 8 years ago. But when Ryosuke goes up to her apartment on the second floor, he runs into a good-looking half-naked man. He learns that this isn’t Rokka’s live-in boyfriend but rather the ghost of her late husband, Atsushi. She can’t see him, and Ryosuke decides not to give up on her, even with a dead husband standing in the way.


Romance? You got my attention. Flowers? Even better. Ghost of dead husband? Now that sounds interesting. That’s exactly my train of thought when I read through the summary. We first had some zombie romance with Sankarea this season and now another romance involving the ghost of a dead husband. I can see some interesting comedy from this, although I’m not sure this is supposed to be comical. But, I’m always looking for a unique twist in a romance story and I’ve found another one. Hope it entertains as much as I think.

Will I blog this? – Maybe

Sword Art Online

This story revolves around the adventures of Kirito, the best one handed swordsman of the virtual reality world, who like everyone else is trapped and fighting for their lives in Aincrad Online, a MMORPG. He and his friends aim to complete the game so that everyone’s minds will be released from the game.


Another MMO anime, I’m definitely in after how much I’ve enjoyed Accel World, I can easily see myself liking this one. They use swords and I love archaic weapons. The only thing I’m worried about is that because the whole story is in the MMO world that will quickly become the ‘real’ setting and the story will turn the story into a normal battle fantasy type story. I enjoyed the fact that in Accel World people still had their real lives back in the real world. But because people are trapped in Aincrad they can’t really go back to the real world so it’s gonna be a problem to make it believable that it is an MMO and that it isn’t the real place the story is based, if you get what I mean. My enjoyment of the anime will basically depend on that. But it still sounds like a good story, even if a bit typical perhaps, so I think I’ll blog this one.

Will I blog this? – Likely