Key Events:

Dan’ichiro decides to have a fencing duel with Chihiro to see who will protect Rea.

Rea returns home but is captured. She breaks free due to her zombie strength.

Chihiro makes fun of Dan’ichiro which enrages him into stabbing Chirhiro through the stomach. But apparently because Rea licked his wound he was ‘infected’ with the poison that turned her into a zombie, so now he’s a half zombie and can’t feel the pain and headbutts Dan’ichiro. Rea appears and defends Chihiro.

They finally talk some sense into Dan’ichiro. He then leaves Rea to Chihiro for the time being as he will search the world for a cure.

Chirhiro faints from his injury but is soon healed and wakes up to Rea and Ranko. There Rea realises that Ranko likes Chihiro too.


Yeah, predictable, what else could Dan’ichiro be planning wearing those clothes? Only thing that surprised me is his stabbing through Chihiro’s protective gear. Not the stabbing event itself, as I fully expected Dan’ichiro to snap due to Chirhiro’s irritating taunting. The part that surprised me was how the blade was able to pierce through the protective gear. Y’know, they are supposed to protect you so they can’t pierce you, what happened to safety first? And as far as I’m aware, those blades are supposed to have ball tips. Though I guess Dan’ichiro could’ve easily tampered with the equipment with the intention to kill him in the duel, I wouldn’t put it past him.

It’s nice to get Rea’s father sorted at the end, though I would’ve expected it that to happen in the last episode, as there’s now 1 episode left and I’m not sure what they’re planning. I did expected Dan’ichiro to be ‘sorted out’ this episode but I didn’t expect them to open up the relationship problem at this stage. I know from the manga that Rea’s weary that she’s getting in the way of Ranko and Chihiro, but from the anime it was pretty much Rea focused, apart from that one episode where it was Ranko. So I had assumed that it was gonna be happily ever after for Rea and Chihiro, didn’t expect them to open the love triangle on the second to last episode. Assuming this is a 12 episode series.

So yeah, I’m not sure they can wrap everything up, not even sure if they planned to wrap everything up. Dan’ichiro is not going to find a cure for zombification, though that said, this series is extremely unrealistic, so that could be possible. Highly doubt there’s any relationship clearing up, so I’m expecting an open ending with possibility of a sequel.

Anyway, that’s Dan’ichiro fixed, wonder what’ll become of Aria, probably no change. But hey, at least she can look forward to a life of luxury. Also, now that I look back at the series I see that there really wasn’t much screentime for minor characters. I can see why they did that entire episode for Mero, there were pretty much no screen time for her elsewhere.

Dan’ichiro’s not gonna find any cure, if there was a ‘cure’ it’ll come from Jogoro. Perhaps they’ll end the series on a cliff-hanger of him finding a possible ‘cure’? That’s possible. Or they could just take it slow and not really develop anything and that would be enough as a cliff-hanger, would be a bad one, but one nonetheless.