Key Events:

With the power of Psyqualia Chris wins the fight as predicted by his new found powers winning the round.

We learn that the VF circuit will be held all over the world so one loss here isn’t the end. Their invitation allows them to join all the circuits.

The finals of VF circuit are Team Caesar vs Team S.I.T. Genius and Caesar was completely destroyed 3-0.

Aichi vows to get the answers he came for.


What does Aichi mean when he says that Psyqualia felt familiar, it’s not like you were under the spell of this power for quite a bit of last season and that it was a huge plot device, oh wait… Yeah exactly, I don’t think you can forget something that’s haunted you for quite some time only recently.

Slightly surprised that S.I.T. Genius won, as I said, I expected Aichi to be able to deal with someone who only just acquired Psyqualia but I guess he is using an unfamiliar deck still.

Interesting that it was Team Caesar who made it to the finals on the Singapore VF Circuit. What happened to the others big teams? We only met 3 proper teams this circuit. Caesar, Q4 and S.I.T Genius. I expected more. Well, perhaps some good teams couldn’t make it to the first one as it might’ve been on short notice. So I am hoping to see a lot more old faces in the next VF circuit.

Now that Chris has gained Psyqualia, is the aim of the series to stop him? I don’t quite see what the point of this season is still. Well so far it’s to win one VF circuit to meet Takuto. But there’s been nothing ‘big’ this season. I dunno, feels like we barely know anything still. Only just got some more information that there are many VF circuits, so what’re the point of them? TO see which team can win the most? To get a few trophies for some teams? Is there a way to win it overall? Like putting all the teams that have won at least one circuit and have them play in knockout matches? So maybe, 8 or 16 circuits or something?

I’m not sure whether they’re doing this on purpose so that we want to find out more. Cos if they are, it’s not working for me. It just makes the anime frustrating, boring and confusing to watch, especially when there isn’t much happening in the episodes. I’ll continue watching because I enjoy the card game, but only for that… still waiting for Misaki to get some better cards for Oracles.