Episode 7: Kirara of Succession


The idol group has a concert but it overlaps with a ceremony, therefore understudies are selected as stand-ins. Kanata, Mimori, Megumi and Chieri are the stand-ins for Takamina, Kojiharu, Yukirin and Yuuko, respectively. Although the 76th Generation complains about Chieri’s selection, Tsubasa tells them that they should practice more.

Tsubasa talks to Ushiyama-sensei about bring back the understudies selection process and that Sensei-sensei has being reacting since the arrival of the 77th Generation. Meanwhile, the 77th Generation get the day off, except Chieri. They decide to go to do karaoke, except for Nagisa, who relaxes in the dorm.

Meanwhile, the selected are practicing “River”. They break for lunch, Cheri wants continue practicing but Yuuko forces her to break for lunch. Chieri gets the idea to copy Yuuko; she follows her and copies her sexy pose, but is spotted by Nagisa. Nagisa congratulates Chieri for her being selected as a stand-in.

Later, the 76th Generation girls confront Chieri about her relationship with DES; her father owning the attacking droids and accuse her as a DES spy. Chieri tells the truth to Nagisa that she ran away from home to come to the auditions.

The 77th Generation are at in a karaoke booth, with a hint from Suzuko, the girls practice hard, singing. Meanwhile, Chieri never returned to practice. Kanata goes to get her, expressing that she has a duty as a captain to the understudies than as a stand-in.

Any other artist…?

Impressed, Takamina suggests that Kanata should be named as a successor. They follow Tsubasa to the forbidden area and find the Kirara. They show that Takamina’s successor is Kanata. Kanata finds Chieri packing. She tells her to follow her dreams and not to be influenced by her father.

Takamina is shocked that Kanata was selected to be her replacement. Tsubasa finds them with Takamina furious. Tsubasa tells them that the Kirara had up to a year ago selected Takamina originally, but after started selecting Kanata. Distraught, Takamina runs away upset, with Yuuko stating that Takamina would always be AKB0048’s captain.


From this episode there was a lot of jealously going around, or in simplest terms, “a lot of bitchiness”. Firstly, what really annoyed me was the confrontation of Cheri and her father. The girls accused her of being a DES spy, only because her father owns the company that produces the robots. The girls were just bitter, but it almost did drive Chieri to run away. However thanks to the intervention of Kanata, that she is persuaded to stay after a good cry. Also, it is Takamina’s turn to be resentful, only because the Kirara selected Kanata to be her replacement, but shouting at Tsubasa isn’t the right way to do it. Tsubasa did say that they selected the replacements by external means, not the way of the Kiraras.

Personally, during this episode I would have knocked down the 76th Generation girls down a notch or two for being so spiteful and jealous of Chieri’s selection. I would just tell them to bugger off.

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