Key Events:

Toki pulls off her double future sight and claims an uncharacteristic normal tsumo win to take dealership away from Teru.

Hear some background story for Kirame about how she’s the sacrificial player of the team as they put their weakest up first. And she’s glad there’s a use for her ability.

They enter the last hand with Teru close to 200k points and Teru takes the last win from a tired and almost unconscious Toki. This means that they enter bonus hands again and Teru can continue winning.

Toki is nearly on the verge of fainting when she remembers that there are people rooting for her and revives to take her turn. Apologising in her mind to her teammates again, she risks her using her powers once more, this time to see three turns ahead.


Wow, they’re stretching this match really far. Wonder how they’re planning to end this series if just this one match takes them more than 3 episodes. Seems like they’ll end it by finishing off the semis as in by speeding through the other 4 matches in a few minutes after the Teru domination. Either that, or Teru takes down one of them completely to end the match early. But Toki does seem like she’s going to be able to take the final win before she collapses.

Again they gave hints again that Kuro might change her play style, i.e. where she saw how Toki changed her play to beat Teru. Why can’t she take a hint? Stubborness can really only go so far, will you risk losing just to play your usual way? Is losing the favour of the doras really that important? Obviously so far she thinks it is. Well, there’s still next episode. If Toki fails this, which she might, then Kuro will have to step in, this all could be building up to her changing her style at the last second. If it does, then fine, I’ll overlook all this frustration with her character, if she doesn’t then she’s been pretty bad. Doesn’t take a genius to see that your dragging the team down, if you’re cursing yourself for being useless then make use for yourself.

I like Kirame, in the face of knowing your thrown away to lose, she’s still happy that she has a place in the team. Very noble of her, and even in the face of such a powerful opponent she’s the only one keeping a happy face on all the time. But unfortunately it looks very unlikely that it’s going to be her who does anything to stop Teru.

Nice seeing Nodoka, Saki and Yuuki again. I think the time is near when Nodoka and Shizuno and gang will finally be reunited.

Next episode should definitely be the last episode of this Teru game, I have very much enjoyed it, apart from the annoyance Kuro has caused. But I can ignore that as the rest has been good to watch. Gonna be a shame to see it end, but I’m looking forward to seeing who it’ll be that disrupts Teru’s win sstreak. Looks to be Toki at the moment, but I’m still hoping that Kuro will gain some of her points back. She may have helped out the rest, but it isn’t enough against Teru and it certainly isn’t helping herself out.

Quick note: Sorry about lack of blogs from me last 2 days. If you didn’t know, I’ve finally finished university, got a 2.1 in accounting and finance for all those who knows what that means and I’ve been moving out of my house. So last few days have been extremely busy, which meant I had no time to blog. But I am back home now, a little tired, but able to blog. So, hope to continue as normal from now, unless something else comes up… I’ll keep you all updated.Saki: Achiga-hen Episode of Side-A – Episode 10