A song from not too long ago, only because this was one of the ones that I was meant to blog, but forgot. This week, it’s Junketsu Paradox by Nana Mizuki, Blood C’s ending.

I’m gonna have to make this one quick as my body is dying badly today. As you know, I moved back home yesterday and the heavy lifting has taken effect today, not nice as I’m sure you’ve all had this sorta experience before.

Luckily though I don’t actually have that much to say for this song when I think about it, not sure why as I did want to blog it properly. I think I just lost the excitement I had when I first heard it, guess it’s not one of those types of songs that will still be ‘fresh’ even after the thousandth listen, something like that. To be honest it’s a pretty usual Nana Mizuki song, which is why I like it, her style is unique enough to get my attention. But the song itself whilst good, isn’t long-lasting, if you get me.

But yeah, I still like the song, and I still recommend it. I’m now looking forward to a good Blood C movie.