Key Events:

Some more back-story to Toki wanting to play Mahjong with her friends but wasn’t good enough when she first entered high school.

Back to the match and Toki successfully sees 3 turns into the future. After those three turns she tries again to see three turns but couldn’t, however she saw something else.

Kuro again struggles with herself of discarding a dora as that would be one of the few ways out of her troubles. She remembers back that everyone was moving on and changing their ways to go forwards. So she decides she will choose a separate path this time and will wait until the doras return, she declares riichi by discarding a dora.

This destroys Teru’s expectations, stops her win and lures her straight into a 16.6k win by Kuro.

Toki collapses on the ground from exhaustion and is rushed to the hospital.

As Achiga watch Toki go, they have a momentary meet up with Nodoka in which both of them will try to meet at the finals.


A fitting ending to this match. Kuro had to break Teru’s run eventually and it’s finally happened. Looks like she was able to take the hint eventually. She had to, there’d practically be no chance they could catch up to Senriyama to claim second place if she kept going as they did. And as typical, it took some sort of talking to, even if it was from a flashback. I have to say, with all that built up frustration of Kuro’s stubbornness over the past few episodes, this was actually rather exciting to watch. I dunno if they did it right though, frustration isn’t a great thing, but it can make revelations much more appealing. Suppose Teru’s domination made up for Kuro, just made up…

Some more background stories this episode too, always nice to watch. Rather than the other players just being other players, gives us a chance to connect with them. Thanks to that, I’ve become very fond of Kirame. A cheerful girl in an unfortunate position yet still in the highest of spirits, who doesn’t like someone like that?

As I thought, changing something at the last second threw Teru off. It would throw anyone off, unless it’s Toki who can see what you’re about to do. She did well, to hold Teru off, but what I don’t understand is why she has to see 2 or 3 turns into the future. Why couldn’t she see one turn, wait, and then see another turn, that’s basically the same isn’t it? She tried to see 3 turns twice, so I’m certain she can see 1 turn twice rather than risking her health to try and see two turns at once. Though I guess if it was this easy she’d have done it, there must be something up with her ability that I’m missing. Well either way I’m surprised she lasted until the end of the match. I had a feeling she’d collapse in the middle and Senriyama would forfeit. I’m glad she didn’t, I probably would’ve been annoyed.

So after this Teru terror, I wonder what else Shiraitodai’s got. I wouldn’t be surprised if the rest of Shiraitodai are mediocre as with such a big lead, it shouldn’t be difficult for average players to hold on through the rest of the game for a first place finish. But somehow I doubt they’ll be that easy.

I’m rather confused on how many episodes this series is. It’s given the impression that it’s finished, and they did meet Nodoka at the end. But on some websites it says it isn’t the end and a nice commenter told me it’s 16 episodes. So… I dunno.

Well, I’ll make a summary now anyway, if it isn’t the end I’ll make another one on the actual last episode, if this is the end then this one should be enough.

Review of the series:

I think the series started off too slow, there was a bit too much background information for an anime that’s renowned for tile slamming Mahjong. There was no Mahjong played in some of the earlier episodes. Flashbacks in the later episodes were fine as they were short and spaced out the match nicely. The series had a problem of not living up to expectations, prime example being Bansei. There was so much hype about their team and we didn’t get to see so much as a tile being played. After that speeding through some of the matches it slowed right down near the end of the tournament. Too much of a dramatic change in my opinion.

It was nice seeing familiar faces again at the tournament, but to me they were wasting precious time the series could’ve used to continue with the tournament as they didn’t really do much. However, I loved the Teru match, and Toki was amazing. I got to like some of the other characters like Kirame but a lot of characters were left out of any backstory so I felt nothing for them.

I felt rushed at stages and rarely got enough of what I wanted, so I am hoping for more episodes as 12 episodes isn’t enough.

Overall the story didn’t really interest me in the end that much, I liked a few back-stories but that was it. It was the Mahjong mainly that kept me watching. Which to be fair is why I watched it, so in that respect it exceeded expectations. First half was quite a bore, but Toki’s and Teru’s match were indeed very enjoyable.