Ok this for this new season, I didn’t really pay attention to what was coming except for two animes; I got tunnel vision. So I had a look again and I only came up with another two animes, but since I have three four ongoing animes into this season, I think I have enough to keep me going through the summer. Also I thought I give a review of the animes I have watched from last season, including the ongoing ones. So review first then, preview. Since two of my blogs are continuing anime, I can only choose one new one from this season, all ongoing anime will have an initial rating:


Cardfight!! Vanguard: Asia Circuit Hen – [Ongoing]

I’ll start with the anime that has really annoyed me completely this season, almost to the point of launching my computer out the window. I have lost count on how many times I have physically punched the wall. I believe this anime is a complete waste of time.

After watching the first episode, it became unbelievable and ridiculous. How can a TCG card deck miraculously change without anyone noticing except Aichi? His own effort of building a deck is changed because something has happened in the World of Gay Cray. It seems to me this storyline has been rush and just cobbled together hastily. This anime unfortunately, has been dealt a heavy blow by critics of ANN as a failure with the hope that it flops badly. What also had an effect is that currently, no fansubber has picked it up and continued with it.

Streaming was the ONLY way, but since I like my anime “portable”, I say no due to the fact I don’t like sitting at my computer while my spine turns to bone meal. It is like, serving a meal of raw meat; good for maggots, but not for the anime fan or the normal human being. I have no ill feelings towards the TCG; in fact I would like to play it, if it is release in the UK. Nor do I have against the anime of the 1ST SEASON.  One consolation is that the anime did get a Nyantype poster of Misaki (see above); I am a shame to say, one more than Phi Brain got; which is zero. However, reviewing this, you have to be completely and utterly…. oh wait, never mind… This gets my Yoshi angry stamp of UN-approval.

Watching status – Dropped indefinitely after 1st episode.

Overall rating – 0.0001/10

UPDATE: It seems that Horriblesubs (original subbers) picked it up after Upotte!! finished, that is a bit late but I will try and find time to catch up. 2 hours to convert mkv to xvid… scoring now N/A, along with this review. Lucretia gets the green light to continue the blog. GO GO GO!!!

Hyouka – [Ongoing]

Now this is what I call an anime series. This animation has gone way beyond other animes with its impressive attention to detail. The storyline is very good and has a lot of “On the edge of your seat” stuff. Chitanda is quite the character and probably goes down as one of my favourites. I mean, who gets drunk on chocolates? Her I guess. I am literally just blown away by this anime and I will definitely be continuing this eye ambrosia. Can’t believe Lucretia dropped this anime for Vanguard; trash the Platinum, buy the rust…

Read Joojoobees blog about how good this anime is here.

Overall rating – 9.5/10

Accel World – [Ongoing]

This is a really good show, a bit like The Matrix. Silver Crow and Black Lotus are the best looking Avatars in the Burst link World, but Haruyuki’s pig avatar is by far #1. What surprised me is that Lucretia is watching this as well. Lucretia gave the impression of disliking anything Sci-fi; Space and or Mecha. However, the idea of MMO was enticing for my fellow blogger.

Overall Rating – 9/10

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle II – [Ongoing]

Easy than it looks…

Not much to say as it is still going on. Still no sign of Nonoha’s hair down from the OP sequence. However, we did get to see both Nonoha and Elena in a bikini which was a bonus, I am stuck though on which one was best, Elena? Kaito has put down the Orpheus Order challenges so far. No one has been seduced by the dark side yet, although there have been some close encounters. Seems that the Phi Brain children are keeping it together; with no one breaking off. Just hope it stays that way. No sign of Luke yet, although we have seen him challenging so Orpheus challengers somewhere else, so it is just a matter of time before he meets with Kaito and the gang.

Overall Rating – 8/10

AKB0048 – [Ongoing]

The last of the anime released last season and good job I waited. The animation is almost on par with Hyouka with amazing detail of the planet structures and effects. It was deemed that this was going to be another stupid idol animation, but it isn’t. In fact it shows true emotion and hardship between friends and hard work. There has been a lot of jealously and bitterness between the understudies’ different generations and sometimes with the selected. I like the OP theme a lot, every time I hear it; I get goosebumps and the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. I believe and think that “Kibou ni Tsuite” was actually written in the aftermath of the terrible Tsunami that struck Japan in 2011. If that is the case then what a truly epic and inspiring song to dedicate to the many people that lost their lives, during that tragic event. The song definitely “speaks of hope”. So I am waiting for the CD release of both OP and ED which would be 1st August.

Overall Rating – 9.5/10

Nazo No Kanojo X

This was a strange anime; I never knew that saliva can have that affect on people. Of course, Urabe is an odd girl, who keeps a pair of scissors in her panties. It was surprising that she didn’t accidentally cut them off. This was an ok anime, not brilliant to be honest. In fact it could have been better, I mean after 12 episodes, they never kissed properly, only indirectly by tasting saliva. Urabe did promise with Tsubaki to do more bolder things, I just hope that if a second season appears they go further than the odd hug, maybe a kiss at least.

Overall rating – 6/10

Natsu-iro Kiseki

I am not sure why I watch this in the first place really. I suppose I followed the K-ON! Seiyuus and found out that Aki and Minako are in a pop group called Sphere. The group was then selected to do voices for the 4 characters. After a few episodes it was quite funny, with them swapping bodies, having a duplicate, meeting their younger selves and eventually having a Groundhog day to extend their Summer break. It is sad that Saki is moving and was highlighted in the first episode, hence the falling out between her and Natsumi. I feel though she is starting to question her moving away from her friends as evident by the stroppy Koharu, who show arrogance the first time they meet after Yuuka got cramp swimming in the sea. I don’t think this would get another season, but an OVA or two at least. I am hoping that Saki makes the decision to stay and becomes an idol with the others.

Overall rating – 7/10


This anime was brilliant; I really enjoyed it up to the last episode featuring the battle between them and the AKs. The downside was that it had a lot of historical and military facts which could have been toned down a bit and also the fact that it only lasted 10 episodes. Therefore there was no time for Shigu to grow her hair bun back after getting it shot off. The series is now hitting the TV channels after airing online. So we have to wait until October until we get the OVA release.

Overall rating – 9/10

Mouretsu Pirates

All I can say is that this was brilliant, with a few shocking situations that surprised me. The only thing that annoyed me is that Marika had the ID ring to gain access to the Bentenmaru, but loses it after tripping and it falling out of her pocket. Lucky though it was found by Grunhilde (I think); well one of the princesses, in the same episode. The ring was big that it could not go on Marika’s finger so do what Frodo of LOTR did, turn it into a necklace! Although he did lose it several times, but it is safer than an open pocket. The surprise during the anime was Jenny Dolittle (great uniform!) and her “relationship”. Also Coorie was a surprise as we got to see her out of her dork look and actually look quite stunning, for a minute I thought it was Jenny, until she opened her mouth. The final few episodes were great, especially the singing bit, where we see another side to Chiaki, who is actually embarrassed over the whole thing. I hope to see another season and hope that Chiaki joins the Bentenmaru crew with Marika. Marika actually isn’t portrayed as a dumb, hopeless schoolgirl, but actually has a knack for piracy. Bon travail mon capitaine! Great show!

Overall rating – 9/10

Saki: Achiga-hen – Episode of Side-A

I don’t know how to play mahjong but I am enjoying this anime. Although it does puzzle me that they started focusing on Achiga’s high schoolgirls, then change focus to Toki who predicts one turn ahead. Although the series is short with no possible end (haven’t seen last episode yet, so can’t comment) I feel this is going to be really cut short and it was. However the girls did manage to meet Nodoka, but it was a short encounter. Toki is a death freak, almost killing herself in the final game. She did however take Teru down with the help of Kuro after she realise that she needed to change her way of playing. So we are waiting for new episodes to conclude this storyline, or perhaps another season. (Technically, Hyouka was dropped for this by Lucretia upon request. Seriously drop Vanguard and pick up Hyouka now, do it mid-series it won’t kill you.)

Overall rating – 8/10

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san

This was just utter chaos in this anime. Aliens who like Eroge Anime games.Strange thing indeed. I felt that this was a bit all over the place with no direction. Still it was good to see Yasaka using the forks on Nyaruko to keep her in line. Comical show, but a bit multi-directional.

Overall rating – 5/10


Dog Days 2

I completed the first season of this comical anime and I quite enjoyed it. It did hold some elements from Zero no Tsukaima, except that the characters are “cats? Dogs?” I think, and that they have robbed Chobbos from Final Fantasy. Plus the in the battles they cannot die, so that is something. So are hero was summoned, with no return. However, research found that he can return home, but cannot come back. Fortunately, he left gifts behind, which would provide his return. I just hope this time he goes back he brings his friends along.

Blogging – Unfortunately no. Watching – definitely

YuruYuri 2

The girl love anime is back! This is the anime I have been waiting for this season. So I would what other funny happenings that would occur this time and would Akari, get notice. I hope this time the group would get to stay and sleepover at Yui’s place as I can see some epic comedy here. Not much to say more than I am excited. I hope that would get to see Kaede again… and maybe Mari for those Mari-lovers.

Blogging – Yes

Other animes possibly watching:

Tari Tari

Sword Art Online

Oda Nobuna no Yabou

Kingdom – If I can be bothered!