Key Events:

Q4 return home from the tournament but there’s no sign of Kai.

On a snowy mountain elsewhere, some guy is looking for the abominable snowman. Kai appears and is here for a fight.

The snowman appears after a call and accepts Kai’s challenge. Kai’s here to face a so-called unbeatable snowman.

The abominable snowman plays Spike Brothers. And with a familiar air of hostility around it that Kai recognises, he forces it to reveal his true identity as Kyou and his team. They’ve wandered the globe and gotten stronger and their goal is to lure Kai and defeat him. That way, becoming the best isn’t a dream anymore.

Kyou uses a new grade 3, Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor and uses its Limit Break to try and finish Kai off, but Kai guards everything.

Kai uses Dragonic Kaiser’s Limit Break with a rear guard attack to finish Kyou off just as an avalanche washes over them.

As it passes Kai emerges out from the snow clouds with an injured Kyou.

Key Cards Used

Spike Brothers Grade 3: Demonic Lord, Dudley Emperor


  • [Limit Break (4)] [Counterblast (2)] When this unit attacks a Vanguard you can choose 2 Spike Brothers from your hand and put them into soul to search your deck for up to 2 Spike Brothers, call them to separate rearguard circles and shuffle your deck.
  • When boosted by Spike Brothers, it gains an extra 3k power.


It’s about time we got information on where Kai’s been. For a main character of the series you’d expect to hear more from him than just 1 appearance in 11 episodes. A Kai focused episode has been much missed. Good to see his arrogant ‘I can’t lose to weaklings’ attitude intact. So it turns out he’s been climbing mount Everest, very underdressed as well. Good achievement to try out when you’re not playing a children’s card game.

What I’m unhappy about is that after all this time we get a Kai duel but then they don’t even show all of it. Sure they skipped through some boring parts, but that’s still skipping, they could’ve speeded the short parts along. Well, I guess this isn’t as bad as some of the other duels they’ve skipped. And I suppose this isn’t like Yu-Gi-Oh where every move is important, a few damage here and there can be skipped and the entire game won’t be ruined. This is tolerable.

Anyway onto the card I mentioned. A new Spike Brothers grade 3. I have to say, whilst I don’t play Spike Brothers, I can still tell it’s an amazing card. Fits well with their superior calling during the battle stage theme and also makes very nice usage of high powered spike brother’s abilities like Juggernaut Maximum and High Speed Brakki as shown in the episode that return to deck to power up. You could then call, as shown, Dudley douglas for a high powered grade 2, or what I was thinking was calling Sky Diver so that if it hits you can then attack again by superior calling another Spike Brothers from your hand. With all these attacks you’ll either deal quite a few damage or at least use up all if not, most of your opponent’s hand. You’d probably use Spike Brothers Assault Squad as your grade 1 rearguard behind the two that isn’t Vanguard as it stands again if your attack hits, very useful ability. Which would eliminate the need for stand triggers. So yeah, I’d say this is quite a nice card and easy to do a range of combos with. The extra 3k power is always welcome.

Everything else about this episode was just hilarious, in a bad way. I mean a scientist looking for the Yeti? Really…? And then the abominable snowman turning out to be Kyou who’s been waiting to duel Kai on top of a snowy mountain where you might die from lack of oxygen and the freezing cold. Yeah exactly, hilariously ludicrous. I also laughed at how there was a translator for Kyou when he tried to keep the abominable snowman act going.

Although it was a relatively fun episode, but like I said last paragraph, probably for the wrong reasons. I wonder what other world famous myths and legends they can use, but for now I’m much more interested in what Kai will do next. He hasn’t said anything about any intention to enter the circuit, so is he going to end up a wandering fighter? Wish this series would stop playing games and give us some indication of where it’s going… Well whatever, I’m a patient person, but even my patience is thinning slowly…