Key Events:

Shin heads out of Card Capital for a bit and leaves Morikawa in charge, Tetsu comes to visit.

Meanwhile Aichi is training at Team Handsome’s shop. Misaki comes by and plays Aichi to try and improve her deck. Kamui soon follows but then hears about Tetsu at card capital and everyone rushes back.

He came to tell them that Q4 has a problem which is why they lost, unhappy with his comments Kamui challenges him.

Tetsu uses a new Dark Irregulars Grade 3, Dark Lord of the Abyss and wins before leaving and tells them that they’ll face stronger opponents in the next circuit.

Key Cards Used:

Dark Irregulars Grade 3: Dark Lord of the Abyss.


  • [Limit Break (4)][Counter Blast (2)][Soul Charge (2)] Gains 1k power for each Dark Irregular in soul for this turn.
  • If there’s a non-Dark Irregulars on the field it loses 2k power.


Well, another old face, the ever serious yet honourable Tetsu. Whilst it’s nice seeing more of the original cast, I can’t help but have this feeling that they’re just buying some time as there’ve been minimal developments, still.

But anyway, now that even Tetsu’s told them they need to improve, perhaps this is the time Misaki will acquire some new cards? I don’t think Aichi will change his deck massively since he’s still trying to get used to it and Kamui has already reinforced his deck. Then again, he did lose so more changes perhaps. And keeping on the subject of Tetsu I wonder why he’s not competing in VF Circuit, what other fun adventures could AL4 be having… mountain climbing?

Now, going to the new card Tetsu uses, I have to say, it’s quite underwhelming. I’m mainly going to be comparing this card with its alternative, Demon World Marquis, Amon as logically you’d use this or Amon. And to be frank, you’d use Amon. Amon always has the gain 1k power without the need of limit break, counter blast and soul charge as a cost. Amon also doesn’t have the annoying it’ll lose 2k power if you’re trying to use a mixed deck ability. Amon’s soul charge ability is actually quite good, it can wipe out a fair amount of your opponent’s field and then hit them with a pretty much unblockable attack due to the tremendous power it should have by then. The only thing going for Dark Lord is its base attack of 11k rather than Amon’s 10k making it less susceptible to grade 2 10k powered units. But even still, when you’re at grade three you’d expect your opponent to be ‘fully armed’ with boosting units.

Anyway, as much as I hate the way they’re doing the developments, the card game itself is still keeping me here. Though there’s nothing actually wrong with the storyline overall, in fact I like it, this mysterious force is interesting, Psyqualia and everything behind it intrigues me, and I’m still looking forward to/hoping for some interesting answers to the sudden disappearance of Royal Paladins and Kagero. The only thing that this series lack is a sense of tension and a sense of mystery, it doesn’t have this air of ‘what will happen next’ that makes us want to continue to watch it, it’s been too relaxed and too slow. I’m not gonna let this go until they do something, as I said last episode, my patience is wearing thin.