OP: “Yes! Yuyuyu Yuru Yuri” by Nanamorichuu Goraku-bu

ED: “100% Chuugakusei” by Nanamorichuu Goraku-bu

Episode 1: The Protagonist Returns

Intro: A large Akari statue rolls onto the stage, it opens up and the real Akari appears and gives the introduction.


Akari is popular and everyone is infatuated with her. Even at school, she is obsessed by the others, even getting gifts. Eventually, everyone flies to the heavens as Akari is worshipped as an angel. In fact actually, Akari is asleep; dreaming the whole thing.

First Blood!!!

The Amusement club has taken a trip together on the train. They haven’t gone far from home, due to them being still in Middle School. Kyouko wants to do something Hot Spring-ish, but can’t think of anything relevant. Chinatsu suggests they play table tennis; Akari vs. Chinatsu and Yui vs. Kyouko.

She really must like tea

Chinatsu serves the ball straight into Akari’s face. Kyouko smashes the ball into Chinatsu hair, which is then sucked in. Kyouko tries to use two bats but ends up using only her right hand and eventually the balls smacks her in the face. Next they play doubles; Akari & Kyouko vs. Yui & Chinatsu.


Kyouko tries to hit two balls at once, but they end up being sucked up by Chinatsu hair; game over. They have a bath with Yui laughing at Ayano’s jokes repeated by Kyouko, but Kyouko’s own joke isn’t funny. The table tennis balls are then released from Chinatsu’s hair into the water.


Back in their room, Akari falls asleep whilst everyone is still awake. Kyouko watches Mirakurun 2 on TV, even owning the Blu-rays and DVDs. After, she goes back to the hot spring alone, but she is eventually joined by Chinatsu and Yui. Akari wakes up and wonders where everyone has gone.



Yuruyuri is back! It was funny from the start. I was really surprised that Akari was so popular with the girls, I had a feeling that this wasn’t right and that it was all a dream. Only because from the first season, Akari goes unnoticed by everyone, she is a main character that gets a secondary position. The same thing is happening here, Kyouko likes Chinatsu and Chinatsu likes Yui. I don’t know about the others as they weren’t featured in this episode; they were but it was only a dream and all of them were obsessed with Akari. I was also puzzled by the Kyouko joke about the washing the clams, with Akari answering that it is cute. I think that has something to do on how cute is written in Hiragana, although I can’t be sure “Kawaii!”

I am not sure about the OP and ED themes yet; they aren’t as good as the first season’s (IMO). Nanamorichuu Goraku-bu is listed as the performers of the themes; they are actually the main characters’ seiyuus of Yui, Akari, Kyouko and Chinatsu, the same as it was in the first season. The table tennis game was funny, it made me laugh, especially Kyouko attempting to play with two bats; I have attempted this before and true it doesn’t work; you just end up using only one hand and also provides one problem, how are you going to serve?

I can’t say much as it is only the first episode, so I have to see more episodes to before I can make a solid comment. However, so far it has been a lot of humour to laugh at. Finally, I might use the ♪♪ as part of the title. Why? Because I like being awkward.