OP: Fearless Hero” by Mizuki Nana

ED: “Natsu no Yakusoku” by Horie Yui

Episode 1: The Hero has Arrived!


Izumi Shinku and Rebecca Anderson head to the meeting point in Japan, whilst Nanami Takatsuki heads to hers in London. The three are summon to the world of Flonyard. Shinku and Becky land in Biscotti, whilst Nanami lands in Galette. Shinku is please to see everyone of Biscotti and introduces Becky.

Galette and Biscotti are in the middle of a battle and immediately Shinku changes and jumps straight into battle. Meanwhile Nanami is excited how the battle is going and asks if she could join in. Shinku attacks Bale, Noir and Jaune; destroying their weapons, before Ricotta attacks them, which removes their clothes.

Travel sickness!?!

Shinku continues fighting, supported by Eclair. Galette introduces their hero to combat Biscotti’s hero; Nanami. Princess Millhiore asks Becky if she wants to join but declines, due to not being skilful. Millhiore decides to introduce Becky to everyone through the broadcast system.

Eclair – Actually sweeter than her chocolate relation, trust me…

In the region of Pastillage. Couver Eschenbach Pastillage watches the fight between the two regions and wishes to involved in the war. She then sees the image of Becky on the screen. Discovering that Becky is not a hero of any region, she chooses to head to Biscotti to make her, Pastillage’s hero.



Ok, I did say I wasn’t going to do this due to other animes ongoing. This was before I found out that AKB0048 has only 13 episodes. Therefore I would just be down to two blogs out three. So I pick this one up and make four for the time being as AKB0048 only has about 2 more episodes to go.

So ok, Shinku the hero is summoned to the world of Flonyard again, but this time he promised to bring his friends along. I was excited about this when he promised to take them there and then the second season was announced. I was originally going to blog the first season, but it by the time I was ready, the series was halfway, so no point. However now I have a chance to get this 2nd season done. The reason behind me watching this is because, back during the first season, I followed the K-ON! Seiyuus; Youko, Minako and Ayana, who have roles in this anime. This anime also has a similar feel to Zero No Tsukaima; without the tsundere.

So, I was surprised how quickly the heroes got to Flonyard. It was literally in the first 6 minutes of the episode. I thought it would be the background story, a lot of talking before the heroes arrive at the end of the episode, to make viewers excited to watch the next episode. I can’t think of anything else, other than I haven’t paid much attention to the OP and ED themes, but I will do soon enough. Also I must apologise for the lateness as I have been preparing for a 4-week job soon, which may or may not mess up my schedule, but I hope to stay on target as much as I possibly can.