Key Events:

The next VF Circuit is in South Korea, Q4’s next destination. As they arrive, they meet some movie stars who are making a documentary, with them winning the circuit at the end.

Q4 is up first again, against a team know as Seven Seas.

For each fight, there will be special rules chosen by ultra rare randomly. For Aichi’s match, rear guards can use drive trigger checks but the cards for rear guards will go to bottom of deck. For Kamui, the fight will be fought without seeing the target of their attacks. Lastly for Misaki, each turn can only last 30 seconds.

The special rules make for some interesting fights and all three of Q4 cruise to victory.

The movie stars play that day too and when Q4 arrive to watch the match, it was already over. The team that beat them is new AL4. Ren, Kai and Asaka.


They got through first round, no surprise there. It was interesting that some special rules came into place. Nice of them to throw a twist in to excite things more. But of course whilst the main focus of the episode was the start of another circuit and the first match, the most interesting part definitely was the last few minutes.

Many many questions came into my head, and I’m sure you’re feeling the same. I don’t mind, mostly because they’re finally getting somewhere. And although it doesn’t look like all the questions are going to be answered with the appearance of new AL4, it does feel like the answers are finally coming to us soon.

As for what’s going on now, it’s probably not an easy answer. Perhaps Kai didn’t think Q4 would be good enough to win to meet Takuto and get some answers for himself. Or perhaps he thought he would test out their strength himself. Or maybe he felt he was intruding on an already full team of 3. Or, probably likely, he wanted to be reunited with his old friends Ren and Tetsu, though makes you wonder why they put Asaka up and not Tetsu, who is probably the stronger player. Either way, this’ll make for an interesting match.

We still haven’t seen any proper deck improving, so it’s quite likely Q4 will lose. AL4 will say something like we’ve improved our decks so now you can’t beat us etc. If a miracle occurs and they win, then most likely Kai will be the only one from AL4 that wins. But that’s very unlikely. From the preview it looks like Ren’s using Psyqualia again, I think he has it under control this time, perhaps he’ll tell Aichi something about Chris, or remind him how to beat Psyqualia, or teach him how to control it. Yeah, still hoping Aichi will be able to control this power.

If AL4 get through this I think it’s likely they’ll win this circuit. If they do, then their meeting with Takuto may clear things up. After all, Ren was also given Psyqualia, and if it is Takuto who gives them out, he should give some answers. Perhaps that’s why Kai joined them? To find out who did this to Ren and why? Well, finally I can look forward to the next episode again.