Episode 2: Yuru Yuri Everyday

Intro: Akari does the introduction, but extends it and is cut off.


Kyouko hasn’t done her homework and asks Yui to copy hers, but she refuses. Later the girls play old maid card game, which Akari loses as she easy to read. Next they discuss nicknames for each other but they end up all rejected.

Ayano and Chitose hear lewd things from the council room and upon entering they find Himawari and Sakurako hunting a snake. The girls take refuge on the table; (Chitose fantasizes) except Sakurako, who hunts and catches the snake.

She runs off to show Akari, but they have a pest of their own which lands on her and in her panic drops the snake. The amusement club meet at Yui’s and discuss cold prevention, with Kyouko obsessive about it. However, she ends up catching a cold the following day.


So the girls are back at school and Kyouko is lazy as always, not doing her homework, shame. It seems that Akari is easy to read whilst playing card games; I guess she won’t be able to play poker anytime soon. I found that the nicknames part was a little boring and although a few names given were quite funny I didn’t feel it quite made the comical effect. Anyway, we also get a scene involving the council. This scene was actually quite funny than the nicknames gags, with mostly sexual innuendo coming from the room and immediately it actually something else going on, something similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo, which is just the best anime for sexual jokes and gags. Also I wonder why the flying insect that was pestering the amusement club was censored. I am puzzled by why it was censored as I can’t see or figure out reason, a bit silly frankly in my opinion. Finally, the girls did have some interesting ideas in cold prevention, but what gave Kyouko the idea that rubbing your back with a towel whilst topless in the cold, would stop a person from becoming ill? I think she needs more brains cells to improve the one she has got. Also what does hand-gargling got to do with it?