Episode 10: Miracle of the Waves


Tsubasa gets the message from Sensei-Sensei that the time has come. Makoto likes to have rice with a lot of butter and soy sauce. Tsubasa announces to the girls that they all participating in a phootshoot on Amitastar. Nagisa notices a change in Chieri.

Makoto is concerned about her figure and disappears off to the toilets. On her return, Makoto has an ample cleavage, thanks to the help of Suzuko and tape. Yuuko speaks to Tsubasa about the Center Nova position.

Tsubasa was in AKB0048 when the last Center Nova; Acchan (Atsuko Maeda) disappeared (graduated) during a concert. Wanting to know the truth, Tsubasa graduated and became one of the support staff; doing away with the Center Nova position. Yuuko wants the position and doesn’t care if she disappears.

During the photoshoot, Makoto’ secret is revealed; she has fake implants in her bikini and they drop out when Sonata jumps her. In Makoto’s haste to put them back in, she accidentally grabs a jellyfish and it stings her. Nagisa and Chieri are photographed together, but the blinding light from the Kirara puts them off.

That night the girls bathe; Makoto and Suzuko bathe together in a private bath. Chieri tells Nagisa that the Kirara only illuminate in Nagisa’s presence. A scream brings the girls to Makoto’s room, where they find that the jellyfish stinging made her cleavage (OK! Boobs) larger and runs off to find the photographer.

Tsubasa meets with the photographer, who is Mikako Minamino; former member of AKB0048, Minami Minegishi the 5th and Ex-Center Nova. She shows Tsubasa the picture of Nagisa and Chieri, illuminated by the Kirara. She also tells Tsubasa that she would stop any attempt of reviving the Center Nova position.


Yay a beach episode! Makoto was great in this episode and was funny. Trying to fake her appearance with enhancements didn’t go to plan. Anyway, this photoshoot is not really anything uncommon as there is several photoshoots involving the AKB48 girls; quite a lot in fact (I believe nearly every week, there is something AKB48 related).

This was a nice change from all the bitchiness and jealousy floating around, to a much relaxing and comical episode; although ignoring Yuuko’s rant to Tsubasa, this was quite enjoyable. I am unsure about the Kirara’s illumination with Nagisa and Chieri. I think that is the Kirara responses to “both” Chieri and Nagisa together, not just Nagisa on her own. Chieri still thinks it is still a competition to her, but Nagisa is strongly motivated that it isn’t. I hope that Chieri will become part of the group and they can ALL get along with each other and less of the arrogance.

No new songs or any singing at all, as this was mainly a photoshoot episode.

Finally, I give you a little treat. Here are some photos of Chieri Sono’s seiyuu, Mayu Wantanabe.