Key Events:

A group has found floor 1’s boss. Everyone will split into parties to attack the boss and Kiriko realises he has no one to party with. He sees a hooded girl with no one around so he moves closer. The person’s name is Asuna and she agrees to party.

A guy named Kibaou jumps in on the meeting and wants all beta testers to apologise to all those who had died already as they took the best hunting spots and quests for themselves and left the rest. Another guy Egil comes in showing everyone a guidebook that all beginners received compiled by the beta testers which settled the matter.

The battle strategy was set out and they leave the next morning.

The fight goes smoothly until the final leg in which something was different and the leader of the group is killed. Kiriko and Asuna rush in to finishe off the boss along with the group.

Kibaou then accuses Kiriko of withholding information about the boss which is why he was able to win. Unrest occurs so Kiriko honourably plays the bad guy to put all blame on him and sets off alone.


Playing the bad guy to keep the peace huh, how noble, if these guys were to start a dispute here and split the players between beta testers and non beta testers it would be much harder to advance through the floors. Although that said, perhaps that’d be better to put the more experienced players together? Well I guess either way, collaboration is always better than trying to solo it. But this anime looks to deny that with Kirito sorta solo, I’m assuming Asuna will be accompanying him. Start of an interesting friendship of two lone players. Probably gather party members along the way. And we’ll be following their story.

Wonder what’s gonna happen to the rest. Like Klein, just gonna pop up randomly to offer help as the series goes on? Hardly likely they’re that involved in the main story.

Another thing I wonder about is why that Diabel guy didn’t accept the potion. If it’s to punish himself for being too greedy to try and get the last attack item, then death is way over the top. It’s just a game… no need to die over it, we’re all in it together. Potions aren’t expensive, the most essential and inexpensive item where you carry thousands wherever you go. Even if Diabel was using everyone to get the item, he still wants to get out of the game like everyone else, isn’t it better to give the best items to those who know about it and are skilled with it to have a better chance of clearing the game?

Which brings me nicely to another thing I wanted to talk about. That Kibaou guy, whilst he threatened to disrupt everyone’s chances of escaping this game he however had a point I thought. Not the “it’s the beta testers’ fault for getting the better stuff” as I’ve said perhaps best for those who are more experienced to get the better items. But that the beta testers left everyone to die. Now if this was any normal MMO I’d say he’s a jealous newbie, but this is different. Whilst he still is a noob who’s jealous of better, when something involves actual life and death, things aren’t simple. There’s no obligation to help anyone in games and veteran players tend to keep to themselves, but this is life and death. I think it’s fine for them to run out and get the equipment they’re familiar with and have used before. But I think it would’ve been best to at least give all newbies explanations of dangers, easy routes, how to attack etc. Sure there was a guidebook, but if you haven’t played an MMO it’d take you a bit just to open your inventory. Some choose not to read tutorials and some take a while to understand everything. Of course some of that would then be their fault, and I don’t blame the beta testers, they want to get out like the others. They’re doing it for everyone else and themselves the best way they know how. I think it’s better to have a few thousand amazing players than ten thousand average players.

Still no news from the real world, nothing about the food dilemma either. Even if they can turn ingame food into real world nutrients, surely a single piece of bread a day with cream isn’t going to do a thing. And another thing is that I thought they said you don’t feel pain, yet why did people look like they were in pain when that boss monster hit them? Forget about their own virtual reality already…?

Well, with the standard MMO occurrences and problems paired with the real threat of death the anime’s kept it very much in the virtual reality linked with reality area. If the no pain thing had stuck properly then it definitely would’ve been better. Though it’s still early days and the story’s going rather well, so I’ll not worry about this too much and enjoy it until it becomes too much of an annoyance.