Shocking New Member

Key Events:

Q4 will now face New AL4. Kai doesn’t give a clear reason why he’s joined AL4 although Ren says it’s because he knows he can win with them.

Special rules come into play again and everyone starts at 2 damage and ends at 8.

With some random shuffling the pairings are decided. Kai vs Kamui, Ren vs Aichi and Asaka vs Misaki.

Ren is also using Gold Paladins and like everyone else, his memories have been altered.

Kai wins against Kamui easily enough with 2 limit breaks.

Takuto appears during Ren against Aichi, and shows Ren ‘the way’ enticing his lust for power again turning him into the old Ren.


Luckily I didn’t get my hopes up of finding any answers this episode. This episode raised many more questions and mysteries. I can give you so many examples that’s popped into my head, so brace yourself. Why give Ren Psyqulia back? Why isn’t Aichi as affected by it anymore? He should embrace the power already. Will Ren go back to old evil times? Will Kai then desert him again? More importantly, because of the altered memories does Kai even remember that Ren used to have Psyqualia and that he deserted him? Does he even remember Psyqualia at all? Does anyone? Only a selection of the questions I want answered. But, I just need to remind myself that this season is likely to run upwards of 50, 60 episodes so it’s still early days. Raising more questions isn’t a bad way to entice more watching, as long as everything moves forwards I’m satisfied. There’s a reason why I don’t blog non-story animes and fillers.

Apart from raising more questions, the episode went predictable. Kai obviously wins, Kamui never stood a chance. I don’t think Misaki’s able to win, Asaka’s deck’s better, Misaki’s still the same. And Ren’s Qsyqualia’s back so he’s turned to the old Ren. From the image Takuto showed them it looked like Aichi was going to lose, so I’m going with an Aichi loss. When will they finally improve their deck properly and start winning again…? Well, there’s another question.

It seems that this series has started finally leading into a new arc, what with all this Psyqualia going around it looks like Aichi has to go out and stop it again. I’m thinking the aim of this arc is to meet up with Takuto to get answers, though it doesn’t look like they’re succeeding at that, Aichi needs to ‘power up’ like before and first stop the Psyqualia before getting to Takuto. That would be the first aim I think, getting people out of Psyqualia again. By beating them in the circuits meaning he’ll get to Takuto. Perhaps something like in a future circuit he faces Chris and Ren one after the other, beats them then gets to Takuto. I think that’s likely.