Episode 2: Pastillage Joins the Fight!


Shinku begins a fight with Nanami, supported by Eclair and Yukikaze. Whilst Leonmitchelli rides Nanami into the fight. Shinku and Nanami fight with Eclair and Yukikaze fighting Leonmitchelli. Ricotta tries to help Shinku, but Bale tries to stop her resulting in them destroying the heroes’ armor.

The two armies have a break when they are joined by Couverte, who wants to join the battle and also wants Becky. After the break, Couverte announces Becky’s kidnapping. Leonmitchelli, Millhiore and the heroes accept the challenge from Couverte.

Oddest kinapping ever…

Both Biscotti and Galette work together to rescue Becky. Shinku and Nanami fight Callaway, with Shinku getting Nanami to use her Bright Power Gear. Together, they force Callaway to retreat.

Both armies close in on Patillage. Couverte turns to Becky and asks her to become Pastillage’s hero. Even though she lacks the athletic ability of the others, she accepts and becomes a mage; hero of Pastillage.


So now the battle is on three fronts, with Becky now accepting the ring and becoming a third country in the fight. Actually at the present moment I am completely confused who is on who’s side and now with Galette now joining forces with Biscotti. I think I am pretty much got everyone’s allegiance and Nanami’s Bright Power Gear.

Now it is going to be exciting on what Becky can do, now that she has gained magical powers to fight as a hero. Can’t say much more on the subject because it is early in the series and now Becky is joining in the fun. I wonder if she becomes a skilled mage or a newbie, who repeatedly falls over?

Also I must apologise in advance but my blogs would be really delayed as I have a temporary job, which kind of takes a lot of energy to do. I do my best to keep up and also my viewing of the anime series this season is reduced.