Episode 3: Chocolate and Tears and Girls and Girls and Isobe Fries

Intro: Akari takes out the UFO, but it crashes next to her forcing her to run.


Himawari and Sakurako join Chinatsu and Akari for lunch. They play games and eventually roll a dice which Sakurako made. Chinatsu tells an embarrassing story, about Akari. Akari tries to tell a pun and fails. Himawari wins an old piece of chocolate. Sakurako talks about Valentine’s Day and everyone plans to give chocolate.

Chinatsu asks Himawari to help her make a scarf. Sakurako asks for help with her homework but Himawari turns her down, instead gets Akari to help her, but ends up not listening to her. The next day, Sakurako gets angry over Himawari spending time with Chinatsu.

The girls go valentine’s shopping with Akari failing to buy any of the good ones. Sakurako can’t stop thinking about Himawari and she gets furious. The next day, the girls’ give their chocolates out; Yui gets a horrifying scarf and chocolates from Chinatsu.

Sakurako confronts Himawari and starts crying over her spending time with Chinatsu. Himawari presents her with a scarf and chocolates, adding they would continue to walk home together. Chitose eats her chocolate from Akano and turns into the monster again. Akari receives chocolate from her sister.


This was a Himawari and Sakurako episode. It shows how Sakurako is jealous of Himawari spending time away from her with other people. Not much to comment on this relationship really, but it is that old love-hate type relationship. Chinatsu shows that when she puts effort into things, they turn bad. However the girls can’t tell her this in case of upsetting her. The highlight during this episode is that we catch a glimpse of Akari’s sister. From past episodes, we have seen her to be really obsessed with Akari. I hope we get a chance to see her in an episode. Also I hope to see Kaede and Mari back soon, I wonder who would get the screen time first?