As I love stories, I’ll tell you the story of how this week’s SOTW came about. Don’t worry, just a short one, not my life story. Was at the Manchester MCM expo yesterday, for those who don’t know it let’s just say I go and buy anime stuff and meet a lot of people. But yeah, was at the DVD section looking around and noticed Gurren Lagann. I’m sure you all know it as the one with the drill jokes etc… So yeah, I remembered that it was one of the very few mechas I’ve watched as it was quite funny and also remembered the OP. Was in my head all the way back home on the train so I thought it’s the perfect song to go for SOTW. Here it is Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann OP, Sorairo Days by Shoko Nakagawa.

Very ‘actiony’ song, as you would expect for a very shounen anime like this. Catchy tune always helps, otherwise it wouldn’t be still stuck in my head. Lyrics sound like they’re talking about the typical shounen thing of reaching your goal, never giving up and always have fire burning in your soul etc, that sorta thing. Very fitting and also a rocky song to suit a mecha. I think many of you will agree when I say it’s a pretty ‘badass’ song.

You won’t see me watch more mechas so when I recommend this, you know I’m pretty serious. This was much more comedy than mecha anyway, half the time they made jokes of drills and rarely does it get serious, only a few occasions that I can remember. A generally enjoyable anime.