Episode 4: Achoo

Intro: A robotic Akari does the intro, turns Akari invisible and then promptly explodes.


Ayano suffers from hayfever and constantly needs to blow her nose. During class she runs out, but gets another pack from Kyouko, this gives Chitose a nosebleed. They go to Nishigaki for help and Ayano gets a gas mask, which going to the bathroom scares Akari.

Bit extreme to go to the toilet

The student council clean up their room. Ayano tries to distract Sakurako from eating her pudding, eventually Chitose tells her that she got it for Kyouko. Ayano exchanges her pudding for Kyouko’s ice cream, but still has to keep Sakurako at bay.

Is that a watchdog?

Later, Ayano asks Nishigaki to fix their clock, but ends up adding extra features. Eventually she fixes it and tells the story about how she got interested in repairing things, but the sob story is a lie. She tells the real story in which she used power from the mains to light a bulb which exploded. Sakurako eats Ayano’s ice cream.

It is raining and the Amusement club stays at school to wait it out. Chinatsu leaves to hand in her notebook, whilst Yui asks the others about giving a present to Chinatsu for the scarf she got. Chinatsu returns with two umbrellas. On the way home, everyone except Akari gets splashed by a passing car. Kyouko is terrified that Akari used her off screen time to avoid being splashed.


This was a good episode with quite a few humorous scenes. We find out Nishigaki’s true reason behind her fascination of explosions. Quite frankly that was kind of dangerous, hence the warning. I not a huge fan of the two-pin plugs which are IMO, dangerous. They lack the earth-pin which helps in electrical insulation failure. Also it shows that the socket is not protected enough, which allowed Nishigaki to put the two wires into the socket. Several times whilst on holiday, I have plugged in two-pin plugs, which gave off a spark as I put it in. I believe I have knackered my iPod when I plugged it in to charge whilst in Spain (Only charges via PC now).

Sakurako can’t seem to leave other people’s food alone. Why can’t she get her own? Selfish girl. Well it is nice to see Risa and Nishigaki back, just hope nothing gets blown up and that Rise can stay uninjured for the rest of the series. Fingers crossed.