Ok I have to make this really short. As with this 4 week job is keeping me busy and mostly tired, I can just about fit this in. I can probably manage writing half a blog a day, until the weekend, but the last one I didn’t really get a respite to do this and with Lucretia turning into a grumpy old woman nagging me. I can only get this one up.

As I can’t think at the moment because I am too tired and aching all over I decided to choose this. So from the DVD release of K-ON! The Movie, where the girls head to my home country, England, I thought I give you their signature tune.

The song is kind of cheesy but that is why people love K-ON! I did listen to the English translated version of this and really it is horrible and a terrible version; Stick with the original version in Japanese and you would enjoy it.

Hopefully I can get back to normal writing and catch up during the weekend, but I have to draw the line of not trying to write them during the weekdays. I am just too tired….

N.B.(Kirayoshi is currently working as a playworker, providing his head as a bouncy castle for the children over the holidays.)