Rematch of the Knights!

Key events:

With a new grade 3 Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier, its powerful limit break and expert usage of Pale Moon’s soul monster recycling abilities, Narumi cruises to victory.

With the stand ability of a new Gold Paladin Grade 3, Spectral Duke Dragon, and the power of Psyqualia, Ren completes a 3-0 win over Q4.

Q4 realise that all members of AL4 are much stronger and admit defeat.

Key Cards Used:

Pale Moon Grade 3: Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier:


  • [Limit Break (4)] [Counterblast (3)] Choose one of each of your grade 3, grade 2, grade 1, and grade 0 Pale Moon units from soul, and call them to separate Rear-guard Circles
  • When Pale Moon units are called into Rear-guard from soul, this unit gets Power +3000 until end of turn

Gold Paladin Grade 3: Spectral Duke Dragon


  • [Limit Break (4)] [Counterblast (2)] [Retire three Gold Paladin rear-guards] At the beginning of the close step of the battle that this unit attacked a vanguard, you may pay the cost. If you do, Stand this unit. It loses Twin Drive until end of turn.
  • If Black Dragon Knight, Vortimer is in soul, this unit gains 1000 power.


Two important fights finished this episode, not much story development. But that’s fine, I feel after this 3-0 crushing defeat, Q4 are going to finally improve, I mean it has already been 16 episodes. They can’t push a TCG anime completely on duels. Well they can, but it won’t be as good.

Only a few things I want to say for this episode, the rest will be on the two cards I mentioned. Something I thought was interesting, but probably just me overreacting, was that the two announcers said that Aichi could use Limit Break already but he was only on grade 1 going into his turn. This got me thinking that currently the only Limit Break cards are grade 3s. So perhaps this is a sign that they’re going to release cards that can use Limit Break at grade 2? I mean I can understand why only grade 3s as your likely only to have gathered 4 damage by then. But if they make the cards more powerful or speed the game along then grade 2 Limit Breaks are quite possible. Like how they’ve sped up the Yu-Gi-Oh TCG a lot… Or perhaps they’ll do a Limit Break of 3 or less damage? Hmm wonder if there’s going to be any OTKs or FTKs in vanguard in the future.

And I was thinking, another reason Kai might’ve joined up with AL4 is perhaps he knew something like Ren gaining Psyqualia might happen. So instead of investigating from afar, he’s investigating from within? Perhaps that duel with Aichi and other events we’re not aware of restored his memories of the first season? Just some theories.

So now onto the cards. First card is Silver Thorn Dragon Tamer, Luquier. In my opinion, a great addition to Pale Moon and their mass soul charging capabilities. I’m sure I don’t need to suggest units that you want to have in your soul as you’ll be well aware of the devastating units you can get out. But if you’re looking for standard units then the ones you ride will probably be enough, of course the only problem would be the grade 3. However you’d likely to just ride on top of the grade 3 you rode on the first time if you haven’t soul charged a grade 3. Then you’d still have that grade 3 on the field, plus more. Main problem would be if you don’t have any grade 3s to ride apart from Luquier, but hey, even 3 extra units on the field would be a great reinforcement against anyone, especially with a low hand count and/or if you’re facing field destroying cards such as Dragonic Overlord or Dragonic Kaiser Vermillion. And of course let’s not forget the power boost Luquier will receive.

Second card is Spectral Duke Dragon. It’s an interesting card, an alright card, but nothing spectacular. Like Royal Paladins, Gold Paladins also seem to work by superior calling units, such as Azel’s effect. But this card goes in the opposite direction. The Limit Break isn’t that great if you think about. Doesn’t grant any power increases or damage increases, uses up 2 counterblast and three units and loses twin drive to attack again. To me it seems like something you’d use only if you’re going for broke. That 11k power is also dependant on soul. I’d use Azel over this any day, swarming and power, or death to own units and less power? I think it’s obvious. But yeah, as I said, if I was in a dire situationthen that extra card from the second attack’s drive will probably be useful and if I was going to win then of course I’d do it. Otherwise I’d choose Azel.