Hero’s Challenge

Key Events:

Final round of Seoul Circuit will be Team Caesar vs Team AL4. Line up is Asaka vs Yuri, Ren vs Kenji and Kai vs Gai. The special rule this time is, all players can only stand up to a maximum of three units during their stand phase excluding the vanguard. Newly called units stand.

Ren’s changed his deck to Dark Irregulars. Episode focuses Ren’s constant soul charging, building up for something.

Ren uses a new Dark Irregulars grade 3, Blade Wing Reijy. He manages to soul charge 15 cards making its critical 3. However, Kenji blocks and with his turn he shouts out Final Turn.

He calls another Dimensional Robo unit making 4 in rear guard. He moves all to soul with Goyusha’s ability to Superior Crossride, Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha. With a barrage of abilities from various cards, Great Daiyusha goes to 26000 power and 2 critical. With boost it’s 32000 power. With a lucky draw trigger, Kenji takes an upset win.

But unfortunately AL4 take the win with 2 wins to 1.

As Kai and the rest of AL4 go to meet Takuto, Kai gives Aichi some words of encouragement.

Key Cards Used:

Dark Irregulars Grade 3: Blade Wing Reijy


  • If you have fifteen or more Dark Irregulars in soul, this unit gets Critical +2.
  • When this unit is placed on Vanguard Circle, choose one of your Dark Irregulars rear-guards, search your deck for up to three cards with the same name as the chosen unit, put them into your soul, and shuffle your deck.


Ha, nice, I like how Ren borrows Tetsu’s deck to show off Dark Irregular’s new cards such as Reijy. Nice surprise and nice introduction of a new card. And even better, he lost. I think he was playing around thought, using DIs, as there was no way Kai or Asaka would disappoint.

I was thinking something about that special rule of only standing 3. It’d be rather advantageous for Alfred as the unit behind can’t boost. So you’re able to stand a full rearguard line and another card, probably something like Bors that has an ability to increase its own power enough to get past an 11k vanguard.

Another thing I was surprised about, on top of all else, was that there was no sign of Psyqualia from Ren. Which meant it was actually an enjoyable duel. Though perhaps that might’ve been because of the interesting outcome of Kenji declaring and following up a Final Turn. And before anyone asks, I’m not going to review Ultimate Dimensional Robo, Great Daiyusha as to get to its ‘winning form’ it was quite a large combo, for vanguard standards. I only like doing single card reviews going into 2 or 3 card combos for suggestions only. Not too much for the moment. But yeah, I thought it was a good duel that could’ve gone either way for once, and a good surprising result.

Okay, gonna get to card reviewing then. Reijy, a powerful reinforcement for Dark Irregulars my friend Raven will be happy to hear. Fifteen soul for critical 3, you don’t know how easy that is until you’ve either played against a good Dark Irregulars or are using one yourself. When I play Raven, he usually gets a good 20 ish in there, though that is with Amon’s skill. But even so, that shows you how easy it is to soul charge. In a good game he’ll have 30+. Then there’s the card’s own effect of placing, most likely, three cards in soul on its own already completing a fifth of the requirement for crit 3. If you combo that with cards like Demon Chariot or Demon Bike, it makes for a good attack team like the episode demonstrated.

Anyway, another VF circuit gone and still no wins. Will we finally see some deck development from Q4? After that encouragement from Kai, I certainly hope so. I also wonder if Kai’s going to question Takuto about everything. I can’t help but think one of his intentions is to get to Takuto faster, but, it seems that it’s more likely, plot wise, he’s only doing this to urge Aichi to become stronger faster. So I’m not expecting any revelations about all this from him as he also did forget everything and so might’ve just thought Aichi was high… But I am hoping for some sort of revelation from someone soon.